Thursday, June 29, 2017

Keep on Truckin'

Madison made a moth of clay today, amongst other things, in her final day of pottery class this summer.  This week's potter has been great - Madison is really getting into it.  Her hands are all covered with dry clay, with that unique smell all about her as she gets into the car to go home.

The rain was pouring outside, absolutely a deluge.  Driving through downtown Gainesville, the rain gutters down below were spewing out water as if they were open fire hydrants launching out water onto the cars attempting to get down the street.  Sometimes there are those days where you think you just run out to the car really quickly in the rain, no problem.  But today wasn't one of those days.  You might as well have jumped into the shower.

It's been raining a lot this week, and we've needed the rain.  Even better, none of this rain had any damaging wind or lightning with it.  It's just been one long soaking wet week.

Tonight, we played a board game by special request:  Madison wanted to play Pirates of the Caribbean LIFE.  Daddy set up the soundtracks for the first four movies, and we were listening to the pirates music as we sailed through LIFE.  It wasn't an easy journey for Daddy, who was soundly defeated by Madison's pirate treachery.  Avast, we'll have another sailing ahead, and I'll see her ship visit Davy Jones locker, me hearties!

We made a trip to the library after writing in some of the entries for Madison's reading program.  Due to the nature of the books she's chosen - longer ones - it's taking her more time to get books read.  She's doing the "Origami Yoda" books on her own, and meanwhile Daddy is reading other books at night.  We finished the Squirrel Girl book last night, and today at the library, we picked up the latest Rocket and Groot book, which we started this evening before bedtime.  It's called "Keep on Trucking'," and Mommy and Madison love the way Daddy reads it in character.  It's not terribly complicated to read "I am Groot" as Groot would.

Chapter one, and already Rocket, Groot and Veronica the Tape Dispenser are bringing big laughs before bedtime!  The illustrations are so primitive, but they love this.

We picked up a few other things at the library before once again it rained on us.  It was that sort of day, really.  And again, we're grateful for the water, so long as we can stay above it!

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