Friday, June 2, 2017

First Scholarship

The Summer Reading Program has officially started, and this year Madison wants to finish twenty-five books.  This is half the number of books she reads typically over the summer, but of course these books are now longer, so in fact she is reading more than she usually does.  And she loves it.  She's already finished one book, in fact.

It's been noted by a few of Madison's co-workers at the office here that she has a catch phrase to help her through her frustration.  It is as follows: "What the heck?"  It's her favorite thing to do when something unexpected or not quite wanted is happening.  It's actually more of an exclamation than a question:  "What the heck!"  Regardless, it is still pretty funny, and becoming somewhat of a battle cry around here.

We were working all day in the office, taking a few Sodapalooza breaks here and there.  Daddy was working really late, but Madison was there with Mommy helping out in the office.  One of Madison's jobs today was stacking up all these boxes - she counted 125 boxes in all.  These will be used for one of our SX17 games, so Madison had to make sure there were enough.  She eventually stacked them like a Great Wall around Chris' desk.

Daddy was printing name tags and writing more videos and getting music together.  Same old stuff for this time of year.  It's always a really busy week.

The brightest spot of the day came with the mail:  Madison got a scholarship!  To be more specific, she was awarded a free week for Quinlan Art Center's summer camps.  She's already registered and paid up for two of those weeks this summer, so the conversation turned to the possibility of using the credit towards the pottery classes that take place there.  And sure enough, the kind folks at Quinlan agreed that this would be a great thing for Madison to do.  So she's going to a few more classes of pottery, all for free.

Let's get through Summer Xtreme first...

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