Monday, June 5, 2017


And so we begin!  Summer Xtreme 2017 officially started today, and all the kids were really excited about all the things that were about to begin.  Some had no idea what was about to happen, which is always of course the best surprise of all!

We had our drama today with eleven actors on stage, and a mystery.  Who is the mysterious Hashtag Hashtag that is trying to sabotage the "Megaplex" movie?  The service was fantastic, with hilarious games, our Titanium movie, and a message from Pastor Cameron based on a superhero from the Bible, Elijah.

Madison is in the Cyber Squad, where all the fourth graders are, and she's excited.  Her group is great - she's with friends, some she's been with for the past three Summer Xtremes.

Today's destination was a blast!  She went to Sky Zone in Buford, and had a great time.  She seemed to like leaping into the foam it the most, although the simple trampolines were a lot of fun too.  

Here she is taking a little break from all that.  She tried some dodge ball with the younger kids, although she avoided the big kid dodge ball.  Daddy did that last year, although he couldn't quite join in this year due to various responsibilities.  Dodge ball for the older kids and adults is pretty wicked - those balls whoosh by at unreasonable speeds.  One time Daddy ducked backwards like he was the star of a Matrix movie, feeling the breeze of a fast moving dodge ball overhead.  It's serious business, and an annual game that all the big ones look forward to.  Just be careful if you're heading over there.

Or, just hang out in the foam pit.  That's where Madison kept coming back to.  You sort of jump on this trampoline as high as you can... and then plunge into the foam pit.  She loved it.

Madison's group had a great day, and it's just day one.  Things went exactly as we hoped, although traffic for pick-up was heavy.  We have hundreds and hundreds of kids, so you can imagine there were quite a few cars out there.  Add to that the fact that it rained on us too.  It still worked out fine, although we were ready to head back home not long after that.  

Anyway, Madison's first visit to Sky Zone was a lot of fun.  And so was the entire day.  Daddy took a lot of pictures, directed traffic, printed brochures for parents and volunteers, acted and directed, and wore quite a few other hats.  We all wear quite a few hats really.  But it is for something incredible.  It really is the event of the summer.

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