Saturday, June 10, 2017

First Impressionist

A friend of ours recently asked to paint a picture of Madison, based on one she saw us post a few weeks ago at her ballet recital rehearsal.  Just recently, we saw the outcome - and it's pretty nice!

It has an impressionist feel to it, as if some French painter visited the studios in Paris to capture on canvas the behind the scenes of the ballet.

We'll have updates in a bit!  It was a day to recover, big time.  This is one of those days where we all the staff basically collapses and sleeps in until the afternoon and doesn't accomplish much of anything.  And although we didn't sleep in that late, we didn't really accomplish too much today.

Madison and Daddy were busy playing Marvel Battlegrounds again.  And tonight, we watched the live action version of "Beauty and the Beast."  It was okay.  Nothing beats - or apparently comes even close - to the original.

We didn't get around to doing the ice cream today - that's a tradition after Summer Xtreme.  I think we're going tomorrow after church.  It was a good day today, anyway.  Everyone is content with how things went, especially Madison, who had a great time.  Also, everyone seems to be healthy, so that's a big plus.

We've still got plenty of work today towards the next Summer Xtreme, and the next series at KidPak, but today wasn't that day.  We all stayed at home, and nearly stayed in our pajamas all day in fact.  Daddy went with Madison over to the Disney Store to pick up the movie we pre-ordered, and that was about it for the day, outside of a drop by for Sodapalooza.  Yes, that's still going on.  We've had so many of those Arnold Palmer drinks, it's difficult to keep up with!

Next week we're in Gwinnett, but after that we're at the Quinlan Art Center.  Madison has art camp for a few weeks, and she's really looking forward to that as well.  We don't have to get up as early either, so there's another thing to look forward to!

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