Thursday, June 8, 2017


This was a great shot of Pastor Lance I took this morning.  He braved the elements and jumped in the pool at Frances Meadows Aquatic Center, getting splashed by Madison and an armada of other children who as you can see probably overdid it!

You can see Madison at the bottom in the picture above.  This morning's Summer Xtreme started out at Frances Meadows Aquatic Center, although originally it was planned to be an afternoon trip to Bogan Park Aquatic Center, where the younger kids went earlier in the week.  Bogan Park has a tendency to over-chlorinate the pool though, so we went to this destination instead.  And since we came here instead, we had to go earlier in the day.  This was all just fine.  The kids had a great time.  The pool was less crowded, although the weather was a bit cooler initially.  The sun did come out, of course, and everyone had a really good time.

Here's Madison soaking up some sun with her new friend Megan, one of our actors on stage.  There are slides at the park, a lazy river, a kids play zone, a pool, large splashing things, and all kinds of chances to get wet.  Madison had a great time, of course.  If there's a chance to get wet, she'll have a great time.

Here she is hugging her group leader, Ms. Sydney.  She's been great with the kids this week, although this picture isn't necessarily posed.  Daddy was across the pool from Madison and caught her sneaking a hug to her group leader.  How sweet.

Here are some of our actors, afterwards, posing with Madison of course.  Everyone came to the pool today, most of them getting "baptized" at one point or another.  It was an aggressive baptism program, where volunteers and older kids were involuntarily baptized by one of our larger volunteers.  He'd go through the speech about declaring your faith and rebirth and so forth, and then he'd dunk you under the water.  But he wasn't done yet - there was the other form of baptizing, the "sprinkling."  That's where "blessings from above descended down," or in other words, he held the reluctantly baptized underneath those large containers that randomly dump gallons of water downward.

Day Four started out well, and continued that way with a great service at the church.  Our drama continued, as did the movies and the worship and the inspiring message.  It was a great, full day, and amazingly, here we are at the end of the week again.  We hung around quite a bit tonight to help edit the final movie, finding tracks of music and so forth.  Daddy was able to get Madison home for another good night's rest, but it was one more late night for him.  We got it all done though - and we're ready for Friday, one more day to go!

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