Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Day two came and went, and it's amazing how fast this week flies by.  The kids love it.  It was a really good service with new songs, passionate worship, and a great message from Pastor Halston.  Afterwards, everyone went to Stars and Strikes, and that was a lot of fun too.

Madison did some bowling this year, and she said she did pretty good!  Here she is with her girls in the first group shot.  Mrs. Sydney there has been her group leader for the past few years.  Madison is picked to be in her group, along with a few of the others there - it's a pretty quiet and well-behaved group, actually.  She had a great day today bowling, and of course hitting all the video games:

There she is, playing some sort of game like her piano tiles games, this one pretty large sized.  They have the two player shooter game "Jurassic Park" here, which is something we'll definitely have to come back and play some time.  Madison should love it, watching that big old T-Rex stomp out towards you.  Really fun classic game!

Today was another good day, although we had a few hiccups in the service here or there.  Overall, it was a really good day though, from worship to the videos to the skits and then of course the message.  Here below are a few pictures from our drama team as they perform.  Daddy is in the beret, of course.

We keep getting mysterious threats and clues from this character Hashtag Hashtag.  And we have a really full cast too, made up of eleven suspect characters.  Madison is taking notes to see who it could possibly be.

What's neat is that it is a sequel to last year's mystery, using the same characters as last time.  Everyone has come back, and of course we've added some new characters as well.  

The week is going well so far.  Tomorrow is an easier day in many ways, because we simply go to the zoo and have fun.  Obviously it is a totally different set of responsibilities, but the stress of remembering lines and getting lighting and music right is gone.  Hopefully everything will line up, and we'll have ourselves a great day.

In the meantime, today is in the books, and it was a good day.  The pick-up line took up less time, as did some of the work we were doing after the fact.  Tomorrow is going to be a really long day, so we all hit the beds a little earlier tonight, or at least at a reasonable time.  Got to get some xtreme rest!

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