Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Clay Pirate Ships

Clay class has been really nice for Madison, who has enjoyed creating different things each day.  One day, she's made a lunar moth.  Today, she created a mural of sorts, one with a pirate ship at the top, and a mermaid at the bottom within the deep blue sea.  She loves this class - it's a different medium that she's learning, and some of the things she's been creating are turning out really well, like the fairy door that she created.  Other things are objects that she's attempting to create from scratch, and although they aren't her favorite, they're still things she's learning from as she uses the clay.

Of course, that's not the only art she's creating.  Art Camp continues, something she's really happy to be attending.  Each morning, she's up easily, ready to go to camp.  Fortunately, it's not quite as early as school, so it isn't so bad.  But she's up and ready to go, and so routine now.  First year, she wasn't so sure, and was nearly in tears as she left us to go make art with strangers.  Now she hops out of the car, no problem!

Interesting clay class today, as Madison created somewhat of a mural... we'll have updates soon!

We had all kinds of fun today, as there was KidPak tonight as well.  It's just a crazy busy summer.  We don't have to go to bed so early either.  That's why Daddy was able to finish the Squirrel Book tonight with Mommy and Madison.  It was a great ending, and a super fun book that we all enjoyed.  It helps to appreciate Squirrel Girl, which Madison clearly does!

But there's plenty of stuff upcoming, including a new series that Daddy is writing for.  Also, there are a few more trips and camps.  This is probably Madison's best summer ever - and there's still so much to do!

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