Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Art is Camp

Here are a few of Madison's origami creations.  It's a hobby she has while watching movies online.  She just likes to sit there and fold.  We got her the paper for Christmas, and she's still going through it all.  Daddy and Mommy will have to learn a few tricks to keep up with her!

Madison has had a great day today, filled with lots of things to do.  We had Art Camp, obviously, as the summer rolls along.  Soon it will be over, and we'll all be scratching our head about how fast time flies.  This is camp #4 of 5.  Unless you count Daddy's fictitious "tennis camp," where we just try to cram a lot of tennis into a single week.  The camp in Florida is the big one, something with all kinds of new experiences.  As is, the Art Camp is fantastic as always.  Madison is making friends, including a girl from Scotland who is here enjoying the camp.

And enjoying the weather.  It's beautiful out there.  We went to the pool today, still under the guise of training with the snorkel.  Madison seems to have the breathing through a snorkel down, along with using a mask.  It's not a perfect thing, but she's comfortable enough with it to make it work when she actually tries it out in a few weeks.  That's a big day, one where she's heading to a spring to go snorkeling in Florida.  Exciting stuff!

In the meantime, this week, this moment now... it's very exciting too!

This is Madison with a creation she's made, just one of many things she's adding to the collection at home.  The art camp is great at using all kinds of different media, even from year to year.  Some things are constant like painting, pottery and drawing.  But this year's use of fabric is new, as are some of the sculpting ideas that she's trying out.  It keeps her mind engaged and thinking in new creative directions.  She's trying new ideas out, and even if all the ideas don't turn out as well as she imagines, she's having fun trying.

Tonight, we continued with Squirrel Girl's epic battle against Micro Manager, who honestly doesn't stand a chance.  If Thanos himself can't beat Squirrel Girl, then who can?  Still, it's fun to read.  We'll keep plowing on with this book.  It's one of our favorites so far!

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