Friday, June 23, 2017


Art Camp ended today for week one at least, and as is the custom, all the parents arrived at 2:00 pm to take a tour and see for themselves the various works of art on display.  Madison had her creations lined up, and in one case hanging up.  As always, there's one piece that stands out that she's done, and Daddy wants to frame it and hang it on his office wall!

She did several pieces, of course.  There were some paintings, some sculpting, and stained glass effort as well.  She did her sea turtle idea for that - it's currently hanging up over the table by a window.  

Daddy was at at work again, finally finishing the 47-page book for "Superflix."  Forward is going on as well, and things are busy at the church as you could expect.  Josh and his sister Amy spent the night at our house, rather than drive all the way back to some place north of Clarksville.  Madison was excited to have Amy here - it was like a sleepover!

We got a new game today, or at least a newer version of a game Daddy played a while back.  It's called "Katamari," and it's a distinctly Japanese game.

The fun of this game is its simplicity.  You roll a ball and try to roll over things that are smaller than you.  That's pretty much it.  Of course, when you roll over something smaller than you, it gets stuck to your ball, and you become bigger.  And this in turn allows you to roll over bigger objects.  To begin with, you're about the size of a thumbtack.  You can see above how big you get.  Madison and Daddy were playing this late into the night - it's a lot of fun!  Except... the king in this... can be a little mean...

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