Sunday, June 11, 2017

SX17 - Ice Cream

We had a lot more people come to the ice cream place today, just in different stages, as we visited after church.  We'll try again perhaps next week after the next Summer Xtreme.  But for now, this was a fun visit where we all sat down and just enjoyed each other's company, and of course different flavored ice creams.  This is a big post-Summer Xtreme tradition for us, a great chance to take a breather.  Of course, with another week of plans upcoming, it's a shorter breath than it used to be.  But we're all smiles here.  Madison noticed something painted on the wall, something kind of funny.  The name of our villain in our skits this past week was Hashtag Hashtag, and yes, right there on the wall in front of us were two hashtag symbols right next to each other.  It was a sign!

Believe it or not, we had service today.  It almost comes as an afterthought, but our service today was in fact a new message that Daddy wrote - way back in January.  It was about the DC superhero Cyborg.  There wasn't really time for a skit today, but there was a solid message and the first video of our "Titanium Heroes" videos.  So it was a great service day regardless.

Daddy and Madison did some work for the Gwinnett Summer Xtreme, which starts in just a few days now.  It's yet another huge occasion, but this one is a bit less stressful than the usual large week.  There aren't as many hats to wear.  I think that's the big thing:  all the different hats we wear.  We get stretched pretty thin.  But we did it, and it went well, and that's worth having ice cream over!

We got home and relaxed for a bit, later on continuing our Marvel movie fest with "Iron Man 3," which Madison had not seen before.  She got to see Dummy get rescued, and watch Pepper Potts do her hero bit at the end, along with the great stuff in between.  She liked the movie, and now she's ready for "Thor 2:  The Dark World," because she's worried about Jane Foster.  I'm guessing that's tomorrow.

Tonight we're going to bed early.  Madison has a dentist appointment in the morning, and hopefully we'll be a bit more productive towards the house and other upcoming events:  someone has a birthday this week...

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