Saturday, June 17, 2017

Snorkel Practice

The day after the Summer Xtreme.  That was today, and yes, as you can imagine we really slept in.  Daddy still has a bit of writing to do, but to begin with, we had some snorkel training to take care of.  Madison is planning on doing a bit of that during her upcoming camp at Daytona, and hopefully we'll be able to do that at Castaway Cay as well.  But she's never snorkeled before!  So around noon, Daddy took Madison down to the swimming pool, where she got to try out her brand new pink snorkel set.  It was actually from the church somewhere - I don't know why there was a snorkel and mask there, but we're benefiting from it now.

It took her a few tries to get the hang of it - maybe about ten minutes of attempts that resulted in water in the mask, or water in the snorkel.  But then the magical moment came when she got it all figured out.  She snorkeled all the way from one length of the pool to the other, and pretty much had the snorkel and mask on the rest of the pool experience.  It was fun watching her learn, and seeing her experiment and spend so much time looking under water.

We came home about an hour and a half later.  The sun was bright and hot - summer is almost here.  We both have to pour on the sunscreen, which we did.  When we got home, there were corn dogs for us, and even some ice cream for Madison!

As mentioned earlier, Daddy had some writing to do.  It's weird to call watching a movie "work," but when you do what you love, there it is.  We watched "The Incredibles," and during it all, Daddy came up with a good message for the new series "Superflix."

We played some video games after that, did some reading, and spent a little time playing piano also.  Madison is still practicing an arrangement of "Amazing Grace," something sent to her by Mrs. Pam to work on this summer.

Tonight's movie continued the Marvel marathon:  we went to Svartalfheim.  Or, at least Thor, Loki and Jane Foster did.  That's one of the destinations of "Thor:  The Dark World," the next chapter in our Marvel marathon.  Madison did enjoy it, although she was worried about Jane Foster throughout. She saw the trailers for this movie, and feared the worst for her character.  Ah yes, we all thought that a long time ago before the movie came out, and here she is thinking the same thing.  I'm not going to spoil that for you though.  The other thing I will spoil is Loki's death in the movie:  Madison knew right away that he didn't die for real.  We didn't have that benefit watching the movie, of course.  But Madison knew.  And the reason she knew he was tricking everyone was simple.  "I saw him in the new trailer, Dad!"

Oh yeah.  So the day was saved, and we were all worn out afterwards.  Mostly because of the two straight weeks of Summer Xtreme though.  It's cumulative, and may take a day or two to rest and recover from.  Fortunately, they were good weeks.  Just ask Madison.  She thinks they were the best Summer Xtremes ever.

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