Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Another Lost Tooth!

Madison lost another tooth tonight!  We were sitting down to watch "Tinker Bell" tonight, for the first time really in quite a long time.  Madison saw this movie back in 2008, the first year we met her.  She watched a few times after that, but with the release of the other movies, this first one sort of fell to the background.  As a part of our Neverland research, we're now starting all the Pixie Hollow movies, and we started with this one - and it was like watching it for the first time for her.  And us, really.  And it was good for all - it seems as if just about every trip to Neverland is a worthwhile one.

And, as advertised above, Madison lost a tooth.  She was eating popcorn, and lo!  There went another tooth, all from the same row.  The last lost tooth was this past Friday, so we've been on a roll lately with these little pearly whites.  She put it under her pillow before bedtime tonight, and I know that Tooth Fairy Central is scrambling!  We'll see what happens tomorrow when she wakes up.

Today at school, Madison had media, which meant a trip to the library where she could get a few books.  She got another "Weird School" book, but she also got a nonfiction book about the Supreme Court.  What could have made her think to get that?  Perhaps there is some discussion going on today about the Supreme Court, because tonight was the big night that the President announced his Supreme Court Justice nomination.  It was just before bedtime that Madison watched a live broadcast from the White House, and in an educational moment based on getting that very book, she watched the introduction of Judge Neil Gorsuch, who made a nice speech.  He's about to go through it, of course, as Senate Confirmations are never an easy thing.  But this guy represents the reason why many voted for the current President, and he represents the future leanings of the Supreme Court.  One interesting thing about this nomination is that for what I think is the first time, a Presidential candidate gave a list of names from which he'd choose a name for nominee.  And almost as unusual, the Presidential candidate actually did the very thing he said he'd do.  Many are relieved tonight, and of course many are scrambling to find something wrong with the nomination.  There were a lot of protestors at the Supreme Court, protesting long before they even knew who the nominee was.

Anyway, it was just interesting that Madison picked out a nonfiction book about the Supreme Court as her choice of reading material.  Do we have the makings of a Supreme Court Justice in our daughter?  Time will tell!  I think she'd look smashing in a black robe.

We had piano today, and tacos afterwards.  Judging by Madison's reaction to both, the positive verdicts are sustained.  Madison has done her homework a couple days in advance, working in the car on the way to and from places like ballet and piano.  The other thing she does in the car is farm.  There's a farming game she's been hooked on lately.  What is it with these farming games?  Daddy has been hooked on "Harvest Moon 64" before, so I can't judge!

It's hard to believe we're at the end of the month.  Looking back, it does seem like a long time ago we were watching "Back to the Future," and before that celebrating Christmas.  Time goes by, and Madison is growing taller, noticeably.  We take pictures of her each morning, and she's above the mantle now.  She's also going through some other changes - we're in the midst of a battle with a skin condition on her forehead.  We have different techniques that we keep trying out before bedtime, and have settled on one thing at the moment.  One battle that we haven't had as much of a struggle with this year is the fight with lice.  We've only had one occasion where we felt the need to use that special shampoo to wash her hair.  After last year's ongoing war, we're glad to see a few more nights where we're not spending all that time combing through her hair.  It helps that her hair is shorter this year, but even so, we haven't seen a thing on her in a while.  Whereas last year, it was perpetual for her entire class.  I don't know who was bringing it in, but we were getting really frustrated.

Okay, it's time for us to go - time to watch "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." again.  That's Mommy and Daddy's one show we watch each week, time to check in on Phil Coulson and Melinda May.

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