Sunday, January 1, 2017

Back to the Future

Happy New Year!

The theme of time travel continued tonight as we finished our Back to the Future movies - along with the Back to the Future ride, and the newest movie short that was released in 2015.  Madison, Mommy and Daddy watched the last of the trilogy tonight, and Madison just loved it.  She had all kinds of comments afterwards - she really liked part three a lot, and was asking us about our favorites as well.  Mommy likes part three, but Daddy still likes part one the best.

Of course, this morning there was KidPak.  We had two services today, the first services of the year - and the last of our cowboy series themes.  Obviously, these were on January 1st, New Year's Day, so of course they were the first of the year.  Daddy spoke to the kids, delivering a message about fear, and about facing off against the New Year with courage.  Some folks are afraid of 2017, as 2016 was tough on them.  But we have Joshua 1:9, which tells us to be strong and courageous, and not to be afraid.  God is with us all the time.  Madison enjoyed having her Daddy speak on stage - and unrelated, she was chosen for a game on stage earlier, one where the kids popped balloons on stage in an attempt to be the first team to find the numbers 2,0,1, and 7:  2017.

The morning went well, although the first service had some pretty low crowd numbers.  But this makes sense, as midnight on New Year's Eve was only a few hours ago.  Madison didn't get as much sleep either, but when we got home, she was still up and going without any problem.  She wanted to play some games!  Surely this will all catch up with her, right?  We'll see!

Anyway, she played LEGO "The Force Awakens" when we got home, and Daddy took a huge nap.  There was plenty of rain outside, and a nice fire in the fireplace for our Back to the Future marathon.  Although our morning was pretty active at KidPak, the rest of the day was... well, the rest of the day.  New Year's Day has football and parades, but we don't watch those anymore.  It's just a day like any other, and in our case, it was a day to catch up, clean up, and rest up.

Madison's New Year's resolution for 2016, by the way:  more board games.  We read from our Bible, and from "Moving Target" before bed.  And yes, we all fell asleep pretty quickly!

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