Monday, January 16, 2017

Electric Lotus

Tonight, Madison put together another Tinker Crate project, one that involved electricity - the looping kind.  We talked about electrons and how they orbit, and how they move about.  And then we got busy creating some translucent shapes and LED baseplates.  We did the flower you see above, and a pyramid too.  Also a Chinese Lantern.  Two of these seemed awfully appropriate given our theme of Chinese New Year.  

The flower turned out the best, as you can see above.  Madison did a great job folding the paper, and running the wires, using copper tape and so on.  It turned out great!

Today was a day off for Madison, so we had scheduled a visit to the chiropractor this morning.  That went on for a while, but Madison enjoyed that.  They had to take it easy on Daddy, of course.  Afterwards, we went over to the Cracker Barrel for some fast-friendly options.  They do have vegetarian plates, and of course there's a game of checkers by the fireplace.  Madison and Daddy have a mandatory thing there, playing checkers at Cracker Barrel.  It was very, very busy there today.  It's been a while since we had to wait that long to be seated, or wait that long for food.  But it was good in the end, and a nice way to use the gift card we got for Christmas.

We got home in time to do our project that you see above, and we're still putting up Christmas stuff.  Yes, the de-Santafication process lives on!  It's just taken a while this year, but that's okay.  

Ballet and jazz was tonight, despite the holiday.  It's a long dance session, and not as many kids were there tonight.  Still, it was on and they were doing their thing, preparing for the upcoming Spring Recital.  There are a lot of different dances upcoming.  Our calendars are pretty packed as is!

Mommy and Daddy walked along the square while Madison danced.  We also went over to Joanne's, a craft store nearby.  Let's just say that Madison's Easter basket is already taken care of as of tonight.  It was a productive little visit.

Tonight, we read from our book again, and from the Bible as well.  The weather is a bit chilly tonight, but the temperatures were nice this afternoon, and supposedly warmer tomorrow.  It's been a good day together, but things will pick up steam tomorrow.  No more holidays for a while, and it's back to the old grind, right?

Mommy thinks "Electric Lotus" would be a great rock band name.

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