Friday, January 6, 2017

Captain Phasma

Daddy walked into the kitchen, and there was Captain Phasma.  Or, at least a smaller version of Captain Phasma.  This is one of the costumes that Madison got for Christmas.  The last few years - including this one - she's gotten some princess costumes, and they were just beautiful on her.  But this year, we saw a costume that was really inexpensive at the Disney Store.  It was right after Halloween, and I guess they wanted to get rid of them.  We were laughing at the idea of this under the tree, and even put on the gift label, "FROM CAPTAIN PHASMA."  Madison loved it too - it was funny.  Today, she was dressed up as the "Force Awakens" character in the kitchen, ready to zap people.  And staying far away from the garbage disposal as possible.

It was an interesting day to say the least.  Tonight, the snow began to pour down around 8:00 pm or so and it came down pretty heavy for a few hours.  Ultimately, I think we got about two inches or so, but it was pretty coming down outside.  We sat in the living room, watching "Kung Fu Panda" movies, with a nice fire roaring in the fireplace.

It was along day.  Madison got out of school early today.  She had enough time for math, where they're just starting fractions.  And then there was science, where they're still talking about the phases of the moon.  Captain Phasma could tell you a thing or two about moon phases.  But so can Madison.  She identifies each one as we go out at night sometimes.

Daddy came home early too.  It was sleeting rather early on, and that was sort of a moment we were worried about, given the timing and nature of it all.  Nobody wanted to be stuck at work.  Earlier in the day, things were fine of course.  Daddy was there for a taping of "Kingdom Connection," and there was a big meal for all the church staff - the fast starts soon, so this was a sort of going-away meal in a way.  Daddy's diet has been weird lately, so it's essentially a fast.  Without going into too much detail, the doctors told us I'd need to be near a bathroom right after eating.  In fact, it's the opposite.  So anyway, soups might be a good thing for a while here.  Madison hasn't decided officially what she'll be fasting, but the important thing not the food of course.  It's spending more time with God.  We're reading the Bible together each night, and we're starting from the beginning and going all the way through - that's something pretty awesome.

We're also reading other books at night time, of course.  We're still reading this Princess Leia book, "Moving Target," which has been okay.  Next, we're tackling the Rush Revere book about the Presidency, as we're about to change Presidents.  The clock is ticking on the time left for this current administration, and I suppose a look-back at highs and lows may be in order with Madison.  We'll talk about all that later though, closer to Inauguration Day.

Anyway, it's cold outside, obviously.  The temperature isn't supposed to get that high, so that creates all kinds of question marks for the weekend.  We'll find out some answers tomorrow.  Until then, it's time to get some sleep!

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