Saturday, January 7, 2017

First Snow of 2017

The snow came indeed, and as you can see here, we had quite a bit of fun in it!  Madison got a new sled today, one we've been holding on to for nearly two years now.  We wanted to give it to her last year, but it just never snowed.  So this year was a great opportunity, and the weather was good for sledding for sure.  You can see Madison having a great time with this.

Daddy literally dragged her all the way from the cul-de-sac and up the hill and down the other side towards the four-way-stop.  The road was a sheet of ice and snow, and it made for a smooth journey for Madison.  She had herself a one-horse open sleigh, yelling "giddy-up" from time to time!

Daddy kept the wreaths on the house, knowing we'd have snow.  It made for a nice Christmas picture of the house, although we had snow on Christmas Day a few years ago.  This snow wasn't quite as magical, not in the slightest.  For one, it was all frozen already.  There wasn't an ounce of fluff in this snow - it was just a hard coat of white.  This made for great sledding, but little else to be honest.  We tried a few snow angels, but couldn't even manage to make a snowball.  The snow just disintegrated in your hands.  So we chipped away at the frozen chunks of our lawn, and made these little snow frisbees which felt like rocks when they hit.  Yes, Daddy didn't throw hardly any at Madison, or at least he was intentionally missing a lot.  Madison scored some direct hits.  Some day you'll read this, Madison, and you'll feel sorry for your poor Daddy!  It was like getting pelted with rocks!

But it was fun, nevertheless.  Snow of any kind is appreciated here, as it is seen so seldom.  The last time it snowed even this much was two years ago, so it was certainly appreciated.  And it looks wonderful out there, coating the landscape.

Here's our China Doll in the snow.  She had this on her head, showing Daddy her China Doll dance moves.  By this point, it was just about time to come in.  We tried shoveling the snow off the driveway, but it's just thick ice, and that can wait until the sun melts it a bit.  The temperatures still keep everything questionable for tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes, but despite the freezing temps, I think the sun is drying out the roads quickly enough.  We'll see though!

We spent the rest of the day indoors.  We're not going anywhere, and hardly anyone else was either.  The ice on the roads has caused a few accidents in this area, and we were content to spend the day at home doing homework, playing games and watching movies.  Daddy wrote a new message for our Summer Xtreme series, one based on Ant-Man.  Madison did her homework and her piano assignments.  She played scales this week and has been playing "The Hall of the Mountain King."  She's also been studying composers like Johannes Brahms and again Edvard Grieg.

Another thing we've been doing together is learning to type.  She's right now at the "asdfghjkl;" range, and we've been looking up typing games online to help her learn to type the fun way.  Which brings me to "Typing of the Dead" again.

Easily my favorite typing game of all time.  I don't think Madison is ready to battle zombies with her keyboard yet, but that's what we're training today for.  If in fact there is ever a zombie apocalypse, she'll be ready with her keyboard!

Tomorrow we start "Big Top" at KidPak.  It's the circus series, and everyone is bracing for Marty the Zebra singing "Afro Circus" again.  Which is why we watched "Madagascar 3" tonight.  For starters, this movie has one of the greatest car chases ever.  It's actually a really good movie, and maybe my favorite circus-themed movie right now, although we have all the circus DVDs out currently - there are a lot more circus movies than you'd think.  

Madison has been doing a lot of origami today, which is a really great activity.  She's also got an app that we'll have to put on her iPad, one that gets her doing stop-motion animation.  We'll be trying that out soon.  But today was all about the snow in the morning.  We spent a lot of time outside, and did a lot of homework in between - all of us.  And along the way, we're still taking Christmas things down.  I suspect that will be all week, actually.  

It appears as if we'll be going to church tomorrow - we'll have to be careful in the morning, perhaps.  But it will be a great day.  We had our romp in the snow, and we're prepared for tomorrow.  So off to bed with some "Moving Target" adventures of Princess Leia, and then another chapter or two from the book of Genesis.  We're at the story of Noah now, moving forward, and it's been good to read and pray each night.  Goodnight!

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