Tuesday, January 24, 2017

X Amount of Time

After school, we had x amount of time to do x amount of things, so today Daddy was there with a timer and a whistle, moving things along - go, go, go!

Right after school, there was piano.  The next clue for our upcoming Winterfest event, by the way, is a cowboy riding a bull.  Put that together with a mountain goat.  Those two together are clues that reveal what we're doing next month.  Hmmm….

If the students feel like they've done a decent enough job practicing on "In the Hall of the Mountain King," they were given new music sheets for something a little different to practice:  "Scarborough Fair."  Which is kind of funny hearing Madison play this tune in the other room for practice.  Tonight, she started her practice with the time she has.  We were pretty methodical with our time this afternoon, mainly because we had to be with all the things we planned on doing.  But as for Simon and Garfunkle, we've had a theme of that lately.  There's a version of "Sound of Silence" in the movie "Trolls" that we just love ("Hello!"), and there's a game on her iPad, one of those games where you try to play all these notes as they descend from the top of your screen.  The song?  "The Sound of Silence."  Daddy likes Paul Simon, but have never been a huge fan of these two songs.  Although again, that "Trolls" version of "Sound of Silence" is pretty awesome!

We mentioned having a lot scheduled today:  we got home, and of course it was Taco Tuesday.  Check!  We had our tacos, those of us who weren't fasting meat.  Daddy and Mommy had chips and salsa, which were good.  We did homework in the car to make the best of time, because after dinner, it was time for a rousing game of "Battleship."  Madison has been requesting this for some time now, so tonight we set up sides, and had a great game.  Madison won the game, but it was close!

This gave us enough time for popcorn, and "Return to Neverland."  We're still in "Peter Pan" mode, watching and researching.  This sequel to Disney's earlier "Peter Pan" movie is actually one of the better sequels from the last decade.  There were some that were clearly sub-par.  I'm looking at you, "Cinderella 2," "Belle's Magical World,"and "The Little Mermaid 2."  Anyway, this one wasn't too bad, and gave us some jokes and possible ideas for the upcoming series.

We read some more with Madison, who like clockwork got to bed on time.  We timed it all exactly right tonight, reading about Abraham and Isaac tonight, and more from the latest Rush Revere book about the Presidency.  There's a big election taking place between Elizabeth and one of our main characters, Cam.  We don't know who will win yet, but regardless, Cam is learning quite a bit from our first President via a few time traveling trips.

After bedtime, speaking of 'x amount of time,' we finished "X-Men:  Apocalypse," which was better than it was made out to be with critics.  Daddy loved two bits at the end that sort of give away plot points.  Overall, there were so many characters that were in Daddy's earliest comic books - it was great to see them on the big screen.  Having Cyclops and Jean Grey as main characters was something important lacking recently - this is the first family of the X-Men, right?  And there's Jubilee.  Jubilee in a movie makes everything better.  You did know that Madison's name could have been Jubilee at one point, right?  That was an early contender for a name.  That, and Juniper.  We liked that name too.  Ultimately, we went with Madison.  She likes that name, she says.  She's glad we didn't go with the others!

After that, it was back to "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." again for an episode with tons of twists and turns.  Wow, what a crazy one that was.  Daddy shares that with Madison each morning what happened, and this one will be tough to explain!

The weather outside is getting cooler, by the way.  Which is seasonally appropriate, of course.  We've got the big blankets out again, having given them a few nights off recently.  It's good to have them underneath, to dive under during the chilly nights.

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