Saturday, January 21, 2017

Playing Jumanji

Ballet this morning, first and foremost.  And it was a long session.  Madison was getting fitted for a costume for the upcoming "Into Grimm's Woods," which we can only assume is a fairy tale story with songs from the musical "Into the Woods."  If they play that "Into the Woods" song, that's the first act alone, as the song is six hours long.

While Madison was dancing the day away, Mommy and Daddy were getting ready for the lion taming message tomorrow, getting things ready with costumes and music and so forth.  It'll be a great day.  Daddy has also been writing the devotional for Summer Xtreme, writing an entries for various heroes like Angel, Black Widow, Cyborg, Bishop, and even one named Steel.  Remember him?  He was an offshoot of the "Death of Superman" series a few years ago.  Daddy liked that character, but the comics never lived up to the awesomeness that a John Henry character with superpowers could have.  Still, it's great imagery.  No, we haven't seen the Shaq movie yet.  But maybe we will.... or not.

We got home and Madison wanted to play a board game.  We played "Jumanji," and played it safely without fear of any stampedes in the house.  Madison and Daddy played about three rounds of Jumanji, which was actually a better game than we thought it might be.  We'll probably be playing it again soon, in fact.  Madison wants to play "Battleship" again next, so that's probably going to happen Monday or so.  And then after that, we might return to the category of "dangerous board games" by playing "Zathura."  Yes, in our basement right now we have both "Jumanji" and "Zathura."  What a dangerous place, that basement.  Can you imagine what would happen if someone played both of those games at the same time?  Space rhinos?  Robot monkeys?  Crocodiles with lasers?

We continued our Neverland-fest with the movie "Hook" tonight, which Daddy likes more and more with every viewing.  I think it gets better with age:  my age.  Madison enjoyed it, particularly the part where Robin Williams screams he doesn't believe in fairies, and where Julia Roberts pretends to die, falling down the stairs.  Daddy had the notebook out, taking notes throughout the movie for ideas and quotes and thoughts.  Every new series has a whole lot of research behind it, and this research is a whole lot of fun.  

It's been raining early today, and raining really hard.  Meanwhile, there are a whole lot of snowflakes up north.  We had a good day though, despite being indoors.  We went to bed after reading a bit about time travel, and another chapter from the Bible.  Spoiler:  Sodom and Gomorrah don't make it.

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