Thursday, January 12, 2017


We had a busy day today with a class to teach college students, and that went really well.  It was the first college class that Daddy taught, the first of an entire semester here, and it was a lot of preparation.  It turned out really well though, with the students quite happy to hear it.  There was a lot of introduction to who I was, along with a bit of testimony about obedience.  It went well!

This was followed by a visit to Hebron Christian Academy to lead chapel there.  We basically did a KidPak service in the gym, and it also went well!

Daddy had the Wisenheimer invention there, and the kids were pretty loud with laughter all the way through.  This was a great time, although it was a bit of a drive down to Dacula.  It's one of those places that seems closer than it really is.  We make a left, and then a right, and then a left, and a right, and after that a left... and so on.

But again, the kids were certainly grateful we came.  They had a great time, and we had all kinds of extra stuff to give them.

Madison brought home lots of graded papers, which were all A's.  She is so driven though.  We were listening to Amy Grant tonight in the car, doing homework in the car on the way to ballet.  The weather is so warm now, windows down when we park just because it's so nice outside.  Hopefully the birds won't fall for it, although there were at least fifty robins in our back yard today.  Lots and lots of them.  We got to around fifty before losing count.  Crazy how cold it was last week, and here we are like it's spring or something.  No, we won't be fooled by that though.  February is coming soon, and with that there will surely be some more colder weather.

Tonight's reading was from Genesis 11, and additionally we were continuing the latest time travel book, where there is an election going on at the school.  This of course is designed to mirror on a minor scale the national election, which was going on as this book was being finished up.  There are some not-so-subtle similarities, of course.  But it's fun so far, and yes, it's a great learning tool about what it takes to be President.

We said our prayers tonight, and it was off to bed early for us all.  Daddy is writing a lot lately, because there's a lot to be written lately.  But it's been good, and it's been productive and challenging.  We'll get it all done.  Until then, it's time for a good night's rest.  Night!

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