Monday, January 9, 2017

Unexpected Day off of School

No problem getting around, but evidently someone was:  school was cancelled today.  The temperatures were below freezing for a good part of the day, so that didn't help.  But we left a note on Madison's alarm clock, and all of us slept in until about 8:00 or so.

There's still a good bit of snow on our front yard, a few days later.  It's a solid sheet of ice, of course, but it looks nice!

We'll update in a bit, but today there was a message about Cyborg written for Summer Xtreme, and then jazz/ballet class, where they're already getting things ready for the Spring Recital.  Her "Phineas and Ferb" marathon continues, which has been going on for weeks now.

Madison tried to do some stuff online for school, and experienced a bit of frustration there - and she learned the notes to play on a recorder too.  She actually got through the scale once, which is a good start.  That's part of her music class homework - the music class for school.  She's already done with the assignment for Mrs. Pam this week.

We got down the Star Wars tree, and finished this latest Princess Leia book, which was so-so.  It does explain where the Shuttle Tydirium comes from.  But it takes a while to get there.  We read about the rainbow in the Bible, and then said our prayers before bedtime.

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