Thursday, January 26, 2017

Worst Case Scenarios

We had just a little bit of time before bed tonight, so we tried a new game for Madison that Daddy's had for a while:

It was a fun game, one where we simply travel along a path from start to finish, answering questions that place you in a worst-case scenario.  All we knew before going in to this game is that if you encounter a gator, you're supposed to hit it on the snout.  But what do you do, Madison, when standing not far from a rhinoceros?  How do you survive an avalanche?  Or what do you do when encountering killer bees?

We tried to answer these questions and more tonight.  Some of the most bizarre scenarios got big laughs, and it was fun trying to guess what action you're supposed to take.  It was good fun.  Madison won of course.  It was a quick game, which was just the thing we needed tonight after a full evening of ballet, piano and homework.  Madison and Daddy were off to Brenau for ballet as usual, and on the way back Madison noticed yet another wiggly tooth!  Uh-oh, here it goes again!

This morning, Ba-Ba had surgery.  As is our custom, we were praying this morning for him, along with the other people we've heard about this week.  Later on this afternoon, we talked to him at home and were happy to discover that every part of the surgery was routine, and that he's doing fine.  So happy to hear that.

Mommy made a spectacular fast-friendly meal tonight before we played our game, and afterwards, it was time for more reading.  Evidently, our time-traveling characters are about to go visit one of our favorite Presidents, John Adams.  That might be for tomorrow, or at least the weekend.  We have an amazing amount of books to read after this, many new ones from Christmas.  It'll take a while to cycle through them all, from Mary Poppins to Jack Sparrow to Roald Dahl to the Isle of the Lost.  And of course, there's the Bible reading.  Tonight we did a few chapters, meeting Rebekah for the first time.  There's always a lot to talk about with her story, so it was a good time together tonight reading.

It was a good day today overall.  Madison was practicing her recorder in school today with the other kids during music, while Daddy was teaching again, and writing for the new Neverland series, as well as a bit towards our superhero Summer Xtreme devotional.  Lots going on at KidPak!

As we get to sleep tonight, we're watching the news, watching all the changes going on in Washington D.C.  There's a battle still raging for sure.  We prayed tonight for our government, for decisions and protection.  There is so much going on right now - it's amazing to watch.  But we have hope for our country.  Far from what some pundits and protestors may be proclaiming, this is very far from a worst-case scenario.

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