Monday, January 30, 2017

Butterscotch Soda

Mommy had this butterscotch soda set aside for a while now, something we could look forward to after the fast.  With great ceremony, we brought a couple bottles of this magical elixir to the kitchen table, and popped them open.  Madison, Mommy and Daddy had a little bit of this tonight... and it wasn't bad.  Madison had a whole bottle pretty much to herself, which kind of lets you know she liked it.

Tonight we had all kinds of dancing, which might have been a good reason to drink this before going to dance.  But dance she did, and she's got a new jazz song to do for the spring recital.  She's been studying the New England colonies tonight, but not that hard.  This is because she doesn't need to.  Seriously, she can name them all from memory, and without that much effort at all.  She didn't need to study this, and if there's one thing she got from her Daddy, this might be it.  She's great with geography.

The weather was colder today.  It was also Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, which of course should be every day.  We got to pop a few bubbles, but we didn't wear any around like we've done in the past.  And no, we didn't have enough to put on the floor and dance around upon.  Maybe next year!

We had spaghetti tonight, which is always amazing.  There's something about spaghetti:  Daddy and Madison get excited about this.  Obviously, she gets more excited about Taco Tuesday. But spaghetti will always get a smile out of us.

And so with our reading and our prayers, it was time for bed tonight.  We had a good day, but Mondays are always so busy.  There is so much dancing, but she really likes it a lot.  And if that's something she wants to continue, then so be it.  We're fine with that.  I know Mommy is happy with that too.

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