Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Scrambled Eggs

This morning, Mommy and Madison continued cooking lessons for breakfast.  Earlier, we did cinnamon toast.  Now, Madison knows how to make scrambled eggs!

The cracking of the egg part was something Madison learned, and was repeating to others.  You don't want to crack the shell in such a way that there are crunchy bits of shell in your breakfast.

And voila!  Madison cooked for Daddy this morning, which is just about as sweet as it sounds.  It was a great start to the day, her last day of winter break I must add.  She spent her day helping Mommy continue to take down some of the Christmas decorations, although we kept the wreaths up outside on the windows.  The reason for that is kind of funny:  we're due a snowstorm this weekend.  At least, that's what they're saying right now.  If it really does snow, that will make for a nice picture.  We'll be sure to post it here, of course, a nice Christmas post card in January!

It is getting colder out though.  And Madison has to get up early tomorrow for school again.  That's the reason she didn't come to KidPak tonight.  Which was a shame because Daddy woke up with a great idea for a game tonight, one that was used in all the classrooms with great success.  It was a game of memory with phobias, and then a game of memory after that with various scriptures about facing your fears.  We had some wonderful conversations about things that frightened us all, and it was neat to hear what different things scared the kids - even all the boys were quick to share about creepy noises in the woods, or dark basements, and yes, clowns.  But then we were there with those helpful scriptures as well - it was a great night tonight.  Daddy got home, and everyone was asleep already.  The temperatures are getting colder, and there's a lot of talk about snow.  We'll see, but it could come quickly this weekend.  And even if we don't miss school or work, it'll still be wonderful to experience!

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