Friday, January 20, 2017


The Build and Grow program is over at Lowe's.  Well, we're a bit disappointed, but at the same time Madison has enjoyed it immensely for the past few years and learned a few basic carpentry skills over time.  And it's always been free.  The plus side for Lowe's is that's where we go usually to get things we need from a hardware store.  The plus side for us is a whole lot of memories building things, most of them posted here on this blog.  From time to time, we may order one or two from Lowe's - whatever's left on their site.  Or we'll get some elsewhere from people selling them online for reasonable prices.  Madison wants the patches, I'm sure.  That's a must.

This morning, Daddy had his second class to teach, and it went well - although last week was much better.  We had a great time talking about Joseph, about waiting and keeping busy while waiting for that destiny to arrive.  Also, there was a bit of Mommy's testimony in there, about the adoption process and about Madison's arrival.

It was a big work day after that, with work towards "Big Top" and even our Summer Xtreme 2017 as well.  Let it be known here that the theme will be the word "Titanium."  A few of the others just seem to like this name, and don't expect it to be a week-long series about metals from the period 4 column on the Periodic Table of Elements.  No, it's a week about heroes.  We're returning to the heroes theme.  So the idea is to combine the idea of a titanium-strength with superheroes.  We'll see how it all works out and keep you updated.  Until then, they'll be busy with graphics, and Daddy will have to write a bit more quickly so we don't get too overwhelmed. 

Here's what Daddy wrote about Titanium so far.  It's a work in progress:


     There are trace amounts of titanium in everyone’s bodies, but the prophet Elijah must have had a ton of it inside.  He was one of the toughest people in the Old Testament!  Elijah was like a super hero on earth, blessed with super speed faster than the Flash, and like the Human Torch, he had the ability to call forth flames of searing heat from the heavens!  Here was a Bible hero made of the toughest material known to man.
     Titanium is a substance that has an amazing inner strength, won’t be corrupted, and withstands any trial by fire. And that describes the hero Elijah perfectly!
     On Mt. Carmel, he stood strong against anyone who dared question our Heavenly Father.  Despite outnumbered by four hundred and fifty to one, he firmly stood his ground, because he knew he had someone even stronger right behind him.  And when you’re facing peer pressure, temptation, or something scary, you can have that same titanium resolve.  That’s because you know you have the Alpha and Omega in your corner, giving you an inner strength to stand firm in the faith.
     Elijah never compromised, and neither should we.  Like a chunk of titanium, our lives won’t corrode if we remember where that inner strength comes from.  Though temptation and peer pressure will want to corrupt us, our lives can remain solid and sturdy if we keep our focus on God.
     Elijah had that inner strength to challenge those who did not believe in God – and an answer came right away.  Right in front of Elijah, a supernatural blast of fire swept out of the heavens, bursting the top of that mountain in a fiery explosion of God’s power.  He withstood a test of fire, like a piece of titanium.  And so can you.  When trials and challenges come, you can be sure that you’ll come through, and tougher than ever.
     Elijah was a titan of the Old Testament, a true hero, and a force to be reckoned with.  We serve the same God, and you’ve got that same power within you.  Stand solid in your faith, don’t compromise or let the world corrupt you.  You can and will stand firm, and stronger than titanium.


Madison had ballet tonight, and there wasn't much time for anything else afterwards.  It's late, but they're all excited about the upcoming "Into Grimm's Woods" ballet.  Some of Madison's friends are portraying the dwarves Sleepy and Dopey.  Madison is a forest creature.  I'm not sure which one though.  Hopefully she's not a slug.

That's something I could do though.  Or a sloth.  Except for the wearing leotards thing, I could hang from a tree somewhere, gracefully doing ... nothing.

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