Sunday, January 29, 2017


Another great morning at KidPak to start the day, with a message about the strong man at the circus.  Of course, our strength comes from God - that's the bottom line of the day, and it was a fun time using illustrations and videos to explain that.  Daddy was in a last-minute video upstairs, which was apparently a hit - lots of people were coming up to him to talk about how funny he was in the video.  Point one is that Daddy never saw the video yet.  Point two is that it takes a team to make these things, and never just one person.  Hopefully we'll get to see it soon.  In the meantime, this morning was the end-of-the-fast prayer service that we have each year.  It was during a service like this that Daddy was miraculously healed, and each year there are all kinds of wonderful testimonies of healing and more.  All those who wanted to go through the prayer line upstairs did, including the staff of KidPak.  Meanwhile, the kids went through a separate line downstairs, with Madison getting a double portion, going to two different services as usual.

It's a good portion of the day, our Sunday morning services.  We go home about 2:00 or so, and of course today we were more than ready to get something to eat.  Mommy made Daddy a delicious fish dinner this afternoon, a welcome back to the land of carnivores.  Our fast is over!  We even treated ourselves to some of those leftover candies from Christmas.  Marzipan!  Ghirardelli!  Snickers!  Yummy!

This afternoon, Madison wanted to try another new board game, so we pulled out the game of "Zathura."  It looks neat, but it's a little underwhelming to be honest.  We're getting to be game connoisseurs, and this one just didn't live up to the other games we've been doing lately.  For one, the rules aren't terribly clear in certain instances, so we sort of had to figure it out, this after repeatedly consulting with the instructions.  Still, we did play the game twice, winging it a little more the second time and having a better go of things.  Madison won both times, although the second win was a bit controversial.  I think, if we played by the exact rules, the game itself would have won, destroying our house and sending us all into deep space where the Zorgons live.  Obviously, this would be tragic.  Zorgons are slimy, cold-blooded creatures that like to destroy things that bring warmth and light.  Sort of like journalists.

Anyway, the game was fun for what it was.  It's worth over $100 right now, although that might be brand new.  Our game is obviously used, but all the pieces are in mint condition - just like the equally valuable board game of Jumanji we also have.  I don't know if we'll ever sell them though.  It's fun to have a prop like that lurking in the basement.  And again, who knows what will really happen if someone starts playing both at the same time!

OFFICER WALTER:  "He's not coming out, sir."
OFFICER DANNY:  "We'll just bust the doors down and get him then!"
OFFICER WALTER:  "No!  He's got a game of Zathura and a game of Jumanji, and he's threatening to start playing both at the same time."
OFFICER DANNY:  "Zorgons, Giant Spiders, Asteroids, Stampedes, Killer Robots, Monsoons and Black Holes... let's get out of here!"

Madison finished her piano homework, and didn't have any schoolwork to do, so we played some games for a short while, mostly with the Avengers.  Madison was Hawkeye, and Daddy was Falcon.  It was snowing in the game, and believe it or not, there were some unexpected flurries outside too.  It's been certainly cold enough for this, so perhaps it wasn't quite as unbelievable at all.  It's just that we didn't expect any.  Even the sight of flurries is nice.  Dahlonega has a bit of snow on the ground tonight, which I'm sure surprised them.

Tonight we watched "Peter Pan Live!"  It's longer, but it is better than the bad rep it got a few years ago.  First of all, credit goes to them for giving it a proper go.  It's a difficult thing, I'm sure.  But it was fun, and the songs are always catchy.  And Christopher Walken is hilarious, although not exactly the first person you'd expect to portray Captain Hook.  Still, the three of us enjoyed it.  We had the usual fire in the fireplace, hot tea, and popcorn for Madison.  And blankets.  It was nice.

We read a bit tonight before bed, about Jacob stealing the blessing - like a pirate.  We also read from the Rush Revere book, which is dwindling down.  We met John and Abigail Adams tonight, which was a perfectly pleasant chapter.  It's also a reminder of how awful the press was even back then.  It's a necessary evil, to be sure.  And of course we're not saying that all media/press people are rotten.  It's the 99% that give the rest a bad name.

Anyway, we said our prayers once more, and said goodnight to Madison with the usual ritual of Mommy making zerbert noises on Madison's tummy, and subsequent accusations of Daddy passing gas.  "Say excuse me, Daddy!"

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