Monday, January 23, 2017

Apocalypse Now

It was a cold day today, or at least it felt that way when compared to recent weather.  The winds blew in strong and frequent, a reminder of the tragic weather pattern of yesterday.  In south Georgia, there was a cluster of tornadoes that brought a surprising amount of destruction and pain - here we are in January, and that's the sort of thing we brace for in the spring.  It felt like spring last week, but winter is back today.  It's not a terribly cold sort of day, but that wind does give a chill.

Madison had her art class today, where she's been working on a bit of expressive art that will hang in the school gallery in a few weeks.  This is that framed picture we buy once a year - of course we'll buy the thing.  It's hard to resist your daughter's artwork framed, and hanging on a wall.

She got home, and we raced indoors because it was cold and slightly raining outside, which makes it worse.  We ate some snacks and played a few games of Uno, but that's all we had time to do.  Jazz and Ballet start pretty soon, and that's a longer session.  Sometimes all three of us go, and that's what happened today:  Mommy and Daddy went to do some grocery shopping while Madison danced jazz and ballet.  She saw her costumes for the spring recital today, and is pretty thrilled with the jazz costume.  Meanwhile, Daddy was thrilled with the grocery store.  Never go shopping on an empty stomach!

We're still fasting, so it was a veggie burger for Daddy tonight.  Madison is still fasting too.  We had time for about one or two races with Disney Infinity, and then it was off to bed.  Madison hides in a new spot each night, and each night Daddy has to find her - after she brushes her teeth, of course.  We read tonight about George Washington's Farewell Address, and from the Bible about the birth of Isaac. And then it was time for more zerberts.  Madison's tradition for the past few months is to show her tummy to Mommy, who blows a big zerbert.  And then Madison hears the noise, giggles, and says, "Say excuse me, Daddy!  Daddy did it!"

Daddy had a productive day, writing a quite a bit for Summer Xtreme and our upcoming series in Neverland.  It's a sweet message, one about heaven, and it fits really well with the Neverland stories.  It's going to be a wonderful series, that's for sure.

Tonight, Mommy and Daddy started to watch "X-Men:  Apocalypse."  We didn't finish, mainly because it's a long movie and we started a bit later.  We'll catch it tomorrow, but it's got all the bells and whistles and characters Daddy grew up reading in his comic books.  We're going to bed, and Daddy is having to explain a few things to Mommy about this character or that.

Okay, off to bed now.  We've got another big day tomorrow, with piano and meetings and tacos and the Apocalypse.  Those are things you want to get plenty of rest for.

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