Friday, January 27, 2017

Squirm Burpee

Tonight we went to see the "Squirm Burpee Circus and the Theater of Doom."  Mommy had seen this pop up somewhere in an advertisement, so we checked it out online and discovered that there were very few seats left at all.  Of course, the venue is smaller, but we were certainly curious about what exactly this is.  It was billed as something like a Tim Burton circus, and of course that got us really curious.

So tonight the three of us went down to the Buford Community Center, which was a first time for us.  It's a nice place, fresh and new, and comfortable seating.  But you want to know about the show, don't you?  Yes, it was great.  There are four performers, and some of the juggling was very good.  The diablo yo-yo performance was the best I've seen, and there was a bit where one guy was juggling bowler hats, while effortlessly rolling them about his arms and onto his head.  It was pretty awesome.

Madison was laughing through the entire show.  It was a family show, and she was really into the whole thing.  There are all kinds of performances - different ones - and in between there's somewhat of a story that is ongoing.  Will the vaudeville theater get closed down? Will it blow up?  There's a bad guy named Vegan von Hamburger that would like to see both.  Here's the cast with Madison afterwards.

We definitely recommend the show.  The performers were kind enough to pose for this photo, and sign Madison's program too.  They put on a great production from start to finish, a very versatile group!

We left afterwards, and drove home talking about it.  Who was the favorite act?  Madison liked a magic trick where a kids sneaker got burnt to a crisp.  Daddy liked the hat tricks.  And Mommy liked the costumes throughout.  They were innovative and fun!

Today was a colder day, one of those days where it's difficult to get your toes warm.  But we struggled through nonetheless!  Daddy was working on messages while Mommy was getting the house straightened up.  Obviously, Madison was at school today - she had science this afternoon.

Oh, before I forget:  she lost another tooth today!  Yes, it's true.  These teeth are popping out left and right!  Given that tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, you can just imagine what kind of treasures might be showing up under her pillow.  I don't want to tell the Tooth Fairy what to do, but that is an awfully big coincidence...!

Anyway, it was a great day.  We had fun tonight, and got to do the circus thing.  All three of us had a great time.  And if you get tickets to see "Squirm Burpee," you will too.

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