Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Good Day for the Circus, A Bad Day for the Circus

This morning we continued our "Big Top" series with a much bigger service, this mainly due to weather being more accommodating.  Though we did have a good number of our cast out due to vacations and sickness, we did have enough to have a pretty good service, and so our celebration of the traditional service went off in grand fashion!

The worship service was extended, as you can se here, with children filling the altars and the auditorium.  The crowds were back - everyone has returned for the new year!

The games and the skit went really well.  Daddy's costume above worked out well as the Ringmaster.  I haven't been a Ringmaster before, but I love the costume!  Mommy had that one from before, although last time it was on a mannequin for the ONE Marriage Conference three years ago.

And here are the rest of the costumes.  You can see Madison there towards the left, all dressed up for her part.  She did really well today, a quiet mime sort of character with lots of expression on stage.  She wanted to do this today, and actually did a great job.  She's not quite ready for lines yet, but she was doing really well with the actions on stage.

As you can see, she was encouraging the Amazing Nerdo in his flight as a Human Cannonball.  He wasn't exactly thrilled about it, and furthermore had to be shoved into the cannon later on.  The sound effects were great, from the loud boom to the Wilhelm scream to the crashing and cats screaming.  Madison loved it.

She was having such a good time on stage!  All the kids loved the skit - hundreds of them counted down to blastoff when Nerdo would get launched, and they were all cracking up at the sound effects at the end.

And that's what we do - we get those kids having such a good time, and then comes Pastor Lance with a fantastic message related to that bottom line.  It's all connected, and the kids make that connection, hopefully remembering it more.

It was a fantastic morning, one filled with energy and excitement for the new set, the new costumes, and the new series.  We had such a great time too!  It was a good day for the circus.

But at the same time it was a bad day for the circus.  Word spread this morning that Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey is closing down for good, it's final shows being in May.  Hopefully we can attend a show in March upcoming, when they arrive in Duluth once again.  There are no elephants anymore, as those have been dropped to accommodate protesters.  Once the elephants were gone, apparently sales of tickets plummeted enough that they simply couldn't continue the circus.  And so, an American tradition is no more.  Some are unbelievably rejoicing at the demise of this circus.  It doesn't feature elephants anymore, so therefore these people are celebrating the end of the circus itself, and the fact that a lot of people are losing their jobs.  This obviously disgusts us.  Look at Mommy's display case here:

It features a few of the programs from the past visits to the Ringling Brothers circus.  Daddy remembers going to a few at Madison Square Garden, and then taking Madison to a few more recently.   With the Big Apple Circus also gone, where can someone go to see a traditional circus anymore?  If not Ringling Brothers, then who?

It is the end of an era.  Something deeply American will be gone soon, something that goes back a long, long time.  Consider that this circus survived the Great Depression.  Yet it could not survive the economy today, when mixed with all the laws and regulations.  We'll try hard to get tickets for Madison, for one last hurrah - even without the elephants.  But something sacred will die soon, as it is our opinion that this particular circus is the symbol of all circuses, indeed the Greatest Show on Earth.  We enjoyed our last visit to the circus together, although the one before that was trying to hard to be like Cirque du Soleil.  It seemed to right itself a bit as a significant anniversary was approaching.

But again, the tsunami of regulations and protestors and our struggling economy... all of it came crashing down, bringing the Big Top with it.  It's been a bad day for the circus.

This afternoon we got some rest, and Madison wrapped up her piano homework for the week.  We woke up just in time to go see the 5:00 showing of a movie over in Cumming.  We decided to see "Sing," which was actually a great movie.  We went into it not knowing what to expect, but came away pretty impressed.  Three thumbs up!

We got home, and it was Disney Infinity time, and then bed.  We can sleep in tomorrow as there's no school.  That will be pretty sweet, of course.  We need the rest!

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