Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Last night was a first for me.  Madison came down the stairs at about 11:30 pm, and sort of looked at me funny.  I asked if everything was alright, and she nodded.  I asked if she was feeling okay, and she said yes.  I asked her what she wanted, and she looked around to the living room and the kitchen a bit.  And then she turned to go to the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.  She came out again, and by this point I was starting to figure it out:  she was sleepwalking!  Whoa!  Daddy told her it wasn't time to "get up" yet - look at the clock.  She did, looking past me to the kitchen clock.  At that point, she turned and went upstairs, with Daddy right behind her.  She jumped into bed, and Daddy tucked her in once more.  "Goodnight," I told her.  "Goodnight," she said.

Today, she had no memory that this even happened!

It was a great day today, Taco Tuesday of course.  Madison proudly wore her Taco Bout It shirt to school, and we went to piano afterwards.  Everyone was ready for a great day today - the kids are doing really well!

The Winter Wonderland clue #1 is out, which was simply a picture of a mountain goat.  Who climbs things.  That's your hint as to the place we're going for Winter Wonderland.  The kids were thinking hard and places lots of guesses.  Mommy made a joke that the kids are probably going to "Goats on a Roof" up in Tiger, Georgia.

Anyway, we went home and on the way Madison was doing her math homework.  She finished that, because today's extra time - after tacos - was to be spent playing Star Wars Monopoly.  She was really looking forward to this, so we had a couple rounds of this.  Daddy won the first game, and Madison won the second.  It's a simpler game flow, this recent version of Monopoly.  It actually has an end, whereas the other versions of the game we aren't quite as cut-throat, and therefore it goes on and on and on.

After Tacos and Monopoly, we did some more Disney Infinity with the short time left, leveling up various crystal characters, racing around and so forth.  Madison won a few races, and did some sweet moves on the game that impressed Daddy.  She's getting good at video games for sure, although her favorite lately has been the "LEGO Force Awakens" game she's been going through.

Ever since Mommy and Daddy have seen the movie "Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children," it's been easy to get that song "Run Rabbit Run" in our heads.  Madison isn't helping, as she likes to sing the song too.  We've been playing it on the computer from time to time, and it's been somewhat of an ongoing joke, intentionally trying to get the song stuck in someone else's head!

Have we talked about the hide-and-seek game upstairs lately?  She still does that each night.  She goes up to brush her teeth, and do her skin care thing, and then hides, announcing, "Ready!"  Daddy comes up and tries to find her.  There are a lot of the usual hiding places, but the funny thing lately is her use of a wig:  she makes it look like she's in bed, even placing a black wig slightly under the blankets, as if that's the top of her head just coming out from under the covers.

Of course, Daddy pulls back the blankets, and it's not her - it's a bunch of stuffed animals piled up lengthwise to resemble a person under the covers!

Yes, we read tonight.  We're plodding along with the time traveling book "Rush Revere and the Presidency," which of course Daddy wanted to read in tandem with the activity leading up to the Presidential Inauguration upcoming.  A new President in three days, and the end of an era.  And the beginning of a new one.  It's a big day, once exciting for many and dreaded by others.  But that's the way it is every four years.  Half our country gets depressed while the other half rejoices.  Yes, there are those in between too.  This year, half our country is more than depressed.  History will look back on all of us and how we act.  Hopefully everyone will act nicely this Friday, as everyone did four years ago.  And the four years before that, and so on.

We read about Hagar tonight in the Bible, and about Ishmael.  We're pushing forward in our Bibles, one chapter at a time, along with some commentary from Mommy and Daddy.  And with a kiss goodnight, it was time for bed, and no sleepwalking tonight.  None that we saw, anyway.

Mommy and Daddy watched "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." tonight, and things are moving along there as always.  We're Marvel folks, and Daddy has been busy writing devotional entries each day for Summer Xtreme's Superhero theme.  One a day - today's was actually dedicated to the Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. named Daisy, or Quake.  I'll leave this blog entry for the day with that entry:

“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying. They were also singing hymns to God. The other prisoners were listening to them.  Suddenly there was a powerful earthquake. It shook the prison from top to bottom. All at once the prison doors flew open. Everyone’s chains came loose.” Acts 16:25-26 NIRV


     Agent Daisy Johnson has an ability to shake things up – literally.  She uses vibrations to break through walls, send bad guys flying, and even cause earthquakes!
     She’s been an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a few years now, but recently she’s also been given powers that make her something the world isn’t so sure about.  Daisy used to be like everyone else in the world, but after a remarkable change, she now stands out as someone really, really different.   
     In our Bibles, there were a few heroes named Paul and Silas that could relate.  They used to be like the rest of the world.  But one encounter with Jesus can change all that.  The difference is that these two weren’t inhumans – they were Christians!
     Throughout their adventures, they faced many challenges, but one of the most famous of their stories started with these two being thrown in prison.  It was there at their lowest point that they started singing songs, and praising God.  And that’s when the real earthquake began!  Daisy would be impressed!  The jail cells shook violently and the doors swung open, and just like that, Paul and Silas were free.  The prison guard stood there quaking in his boots!
     But this wasn’t time for revenge.  Daisy Johnson once explained, “You can catch a lot more flies with honey than with napalm.”  Simply put, our job isn’t to rain down revenge and punishment on anyone.  Paul and Silas would agree, as they used this opportunity to tell the prison guard about Jesus.  In the end, it turned out that the prisoners there weren’t the only ones who needed to be freed:  soon the prison guard himself became a Christian!

     Are you ready to shake things up?  You’ve been freed, and changed – and you’re given a responsibility.  It’s not to beat down everyone you see.  It’s to be hero, and show the world how to be free.

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