Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Taco Truck Tuesday

Josh got us these taco trucks for Christmas.  They were the perfect gift for Madison, a couple taco holders.  I guess someone somewhere figured that tacos keep falling over, and what better way to keep them upright than a taco holder.  And why not make it into the shape of a taco truck?  Anyway, couple this with Madison's new shirt she got for Christmas, and it made for a more festive Taco Tuesday.  Oh, and not seen are Daddy's new taco socks.  Yes, you read that right.  Daddy is currently wearing socks with tacos pictured on them.  We are apparently really into Taco Tuesday here.

Today we returned to piano class, and also work.  Piano was the beginning of the end, with the kids getting their own notebooks to add music theory notes in, as well as scales and so forth.  It's getting real now!  These kids will be graduating soon enough, and Daddy and Mommy are getting all sniffly already.  We can't believe it's been five years!

Tonight before our movie, we continued to fulfill Madion's New Year's Resolution of more board games with a few rounds of "Minions Operation."  It was actually pretty fun.  Mommy, Daddy and Madison were trying to get the different game pieces out of Stewart's body, and of course the buzzer would go off and everyone would jump.  In the end, Madison got the last piece to much celebration.  "Operation" is a simple game idea, but it was fun and quick.

We've started our Chinese New Year movies with "Kung Fu Panda," with the idea of getting to "Kung Fu Panda 3" by Friday.  We also continued our Bible reading with two more chapters from Genesis, and continued the adventures of Princess Leia in "Moving Target."  It's a decent book, although we've liked others more.  This one takes a while to get going, and the overall theme isn't one that really feels all that exciting.  It seems to be picking up a bit late in the book though, now that there are pirates.  Pirates are always helpful plot devices.  Remember that if you're an aspiring novelist.  If you're struggling with your plot, just add pirates.

Anyway, we've been getting ready for the circus-themed series with a whole lot more work to be done, including last-minute work on books.  Madison and Daddy dropped by the printer today for that.  Everyone was happy to see Madison, and happy to hear her explain the cooking recipe that she just learned.  Madison carefully explained how to make cinnamon toast to an audience of five employees, and it was hilarious.  One reason for the laughter was her inability to pronounce "cinnamon."  Anyway, we picked up some of their free calendars, something we do each year - we use these for planning out.  There's been one of these calendars to the left of this keyboard for years now.  Madison got a big stack of note pads too, and some candy as well.  They love her at the printer's place!

And so it was off to bed tonight after reading and prayers.  Mommy and Daddy have started season one of "Mork and Mindy," and of course it's hilarious.  Speaking of time travel, it's like we're in the 70's again, watching the Fonz, Laverne, and Mork and Mindy.  Goodnight - and nanoo-nanoo!

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