Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Oh, the agony of smoke alarms with bad batteries at 2:00 am!  Does anyone else have this happen from time to time.  It's been twice with us, and it's just plain awful.  I mean, we did great changing these batteries just a week ago.  But apparently one of the batteries was bad, because there it was at two in the morning.  And so Daddy readjusts it thinking it is a bad connection.  And it is fine for a time, and then it starts once more.  I think we got it all settled down by about 4:00 am.  Which of course is pretty annoying!

Madison slept through it all though.  Seriously, the alarm just chirps loudly and we can hear it down the hallway.  But the one that was going off, we discovered, was the one that was nearest her bedroom.  And she slept through the night just fine, which is good because she had a test on the thirteen colonies today.  I think she would have aced it no matter what.

It's February, and we'll have a great month upcoming - or at least we hope so.  Tonight we had fun doing a Groundhog Day skit for the kids in KidPak.  We used the groundhog puppet that's been with us for over ten years now.  Madison has it in bed each night with her around this time, because it's soft and fluffy.  And it predicts the future!

Okay, not really.  But it is a nice friend to carry around in a stroller or what have you.  Madison started something today, the after school enrichment program, which she chose again to be art.  She's just been enjoying doing art all year long, so why not continue?  She is working on still life drawings right now, which sounds nice and advanced.

Can we talk about a still life that Daddy set up in college?  We had to use a skeleton, and some other stuff too.  It was probably not the best idea to ask us to set something up, because by the time we were done, other students were complaining about having to draw it.  We were pretty bad.

ANYWAY, she's enjoying art as usual.  She brought home some of her pictures from December, and they turned out really nice.  Of course, they're related to Christmas so they don't exactly fit on the walls in February.  But they did turn out very nice. There's a reindeer that came out very well.  Madison is doing great with art.

I'm not sure if we mentioned this or not, but she gets a National Geographic kids magazine in the mail now.  It's just one of her subscriptions, and she's been really enjoying this one and all the facts she reads about inside.  On the way to school, she'll tell me some basic facts, like how many kernels of corn an ear can have.  Over a thousand, believe it or not.

The point is, it's a good magazine for her, complete with some collector cards that she can take out, each one with a different unique animal on it.  What's great is hearing her talk about some of the things she's learned, and yes, Daddy and Mommy learn a bit too from her.  So it goes full circle.

That was our Wednesday, which is pretty simple, actually.  The big news was a new enrichment class, which again keeps her pretty busy throughout the week.  Regardless, she squeezes in piano and other homework assignments.  She keeps busy, but she's having a great time too!

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