Saturday, February 18, 2017

Catapulting Trebuchets

We built a catapult game, or rather Madison did pretty much on her own.  Daddy was going to help out, but just sat back and watched her engineer mind go to work.  She was so into it, assembling all these pieces, getting all of it together masterfully.  It actually didn't take long for her to make it, and soon enough we were sitting on the floor at the house, launching small balls through the air at the targets that she also built.  Madison assigned the values of the various target areas, where some were worth as much as 13,000 points.  Point values started out at 1, 2, 5, and 10.  Gradually, these increased to 13,000 for one, 12,000 for another, and so on.  The increase was like the now legendary Great Pinball Score Increase of the 1990's.

Anyway, she did a great job - it was fun too.  Today, the weather was cool and breezy, and wet. Not like Florida at all, not much.  Still, golfers were out there, playing through.  We were sitting there watching them as we played a game of LIFE, the Jedi version.  We played two rounds, with Madison winning big that second run to the Jedi Temple.

Ba-ba is getting better, and it was good to be here with them today.  Mommy was working hard taking Na-na out to get Ba-ba something with more calories.  Since leaving the hospital, he's lost only one tenth of a pound, so we're doing okay at the moment.  We had some nice meals today, and spent the day just relaxing around the house.  Daddy wrote a skit for KidPak, one that they might do tomorrow, perhaps.  We'll be watching tomorrow from down here, so we'll get to see the service regardless.

Right now, our President is speaking not far from here.  It's actually where we used to go on vacation a lot last year, in fact where Madison loved going to eat ice cream.  He's in Melbourne, Florida, talking to a huge crowd, and we're all sitting here watching it, cracking up.  The Thomas Jefferson quotes are particularly humorous.

We'll be having some ice cream tonight, more calories!  We'll see about watching a movie, and that should conclude a nice, quiet day together.  It's been nice on day one here.  We're reading comic books, reading other books, playing games, and just lounging about the house here.  And that's okay today.

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