Monday, February 13, 2017

The Year of the Oversized Teddy Bears

Our Valentine's Day display is set up for Madison when she comes in the kitchen tomorrow morning.  We have a tub of decorations downstairs, so we brought some up, adding them to the gift that Nana and Ye-Ye got her (a stuffed animal, and a bag of candy), plus our gift (Star Wars Rebels Season 2).  Okay, so that latter gift is also for Mommy and Daddy too...  Anyway, there are a few Crunchie bars for Mommy, and some Ghirardelli chocolates as well.  While Madison was dancing, we went shopping for a few new t-shirts as well, and though these could be given at any time, we thought why not add them to the loot for tomorrow?

We got her the t-shirts for the upcoming trip, and some shorts too.  Everyone is out there shopping for Valentine's Day, getting roses, chocolates, and those oversized stuffed animals.  There's an online service that has this huge teddy bear for $100, and we're thinking, "What do you do with that?"  Furthermore, we saw one the same exact size at Aldi's of all places for just $10!

Other places have them, like Wal-Mart, where we saw them tonight for $40.  It's the Year of the Oversized Teddy Bears.  They're everywhere, and again I'm wondering what people do with them afterwards.  These poor things take up so much space, and unless it's a really, really significant sort of gift, we'll probably be seeing a whole lot of these at Goodwill eventually.

These giant stuffed animals are just white noise by this point anyway.  If you're going to go with an oversized stuffed animal, I think your best bet would be a giant rabbit like the one from "Iron Man 3."

Just saying.  Anyway, Madison was dancing today for a good while, and during this good while we had a bit of a revelation about her sniffly runny nose, and her coughing as well.  It could be allergies!  We give her allergy medicine in the spring and fall, but never in the winter because there aren't usually any blooming trees or allergens in the air at that time.  But this year has been pretty unusual, and already pretty warm.  At least the trees seem to think so.  The point is, there's already a significant pollen count.  Madison has been sniffling for about a week or more now, and it just dawned on us that this might not be some common cold going around, but instead simply a reaction to allergies.  So we've given her medication, and tonight as she sleeps... it's quiet.  No coughing.  I think we may have figured it out.  Thanks be to God for a bit of inspiration.

On the way home, Madison and Daddy got some ice cream for free!  The Race Trac app on our phone gave us a few free coupons for ice cream, and Madison wasn't going to miss this opportunity.  We stopped by, and she got her favorite flavor, which is now chocolate by the way.  Add some cherries and gummy worms, and you have yourself a masterpiece.  Daddy shared some caramel cheesecake with Mommy on the way home.  Yummy!

We were prepping all our Valentine's Day gifts for tomorrow this evening.  Madison has her gifts for the classmates at school, and her gifts for the kids in her piano class as well.  She's ready to go!  We watched "Madly Madagascar" tonight, another Valentine's Day tradition (and one of the few Valentine's Day specials that I know of).  And then it was off to bed after that.

We're starting (for the second time) "The Pirate Chase," moving along with our Jack Sparrow series rather briskly.  We also continued our "Big Top" devotional, followed by another chapter of the Bible, where Joseph is falsely accused, and thrown into prison.  And here's where Daddy has been not reading things exactly as written.  Especially that one chapter with Judah and Tamar.  Genesis 38 is one of those chapters not to read to the kiddies just yet.  Daddy started on that yesterday, but desperately tried to reword things to get the overall meaning across without having to go into a whole lot of extra explanations, and let's just say it was a real short read of a chapter.  It was time to move on to Joseph and something a bit more in the comfort zone...!

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and it is shaping up to be a lot of fun for Madison, and even Mommy and Daddy.  Today we were resting a bit, although we did quite a bit of cleaning inside the house:  Daddy was on a ladder for cobweb patrol, while Mommy was doing laundry and cleaning out quite a bit.  Also, Daddy took the car to get it looked at by a Toyota dealership.  Everything looks okay with the car, so that's good for our next trip to see Ba-ba and Nana in Florida.

Speaking of which, Ba-ba continues to improve.  He's walking, although he needs a walker right now at the moment.  It's important to note that anyone of any age having that much surgery would need a significant time to recover, and this is all expected.  We'll be down there soon enough, and he'll be much better by that point.  We'll be there to encourage and help in any way we can - it'll be good to get away too.

But first, there's a Valentine's Day to deal with... that's tomorrow!

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