Sunday, February 26, 2017

Big Top's End

Here is a photo from this morning's service, one where many kids went forward during the altar service.   It was quite a morning.  Madison was in both services today, the last Sunday of our Big Top series, and a great send-off to a wonderful series.  We were a little busy doing a lot of other things during these last two months, but it still worked out really well for us.  Plus, getting to see the circus on Friday, and Squirm Burpee a month ago were bonus treats for us.

As for today, it was a more relaxed day of course.  We got back later, and Daddy spent a lot of time proofing, while Madison did her piano practice, and then some cleaning as well.  We were collecting the webs waaaaay up there on the ceiling of the great room, and getting that dust off where we could.  Though it felt like a bit of spring cleaning, the weather turned chilly this weekend, reminding us that it is still in fact winter.

There was a big race today - the Daytona 500.  We didn't watch it, but eventually we might.  It's only five miles or so from where Nana and Ba-Ba live.  Speaking of which, they're still in Summerfield, and Ba-Ba sounds great.  Obviously, he still has some recovering to do, but he's obedient with eating and exercise.  He has lost ten pounds, so that will be fun trying to get back.  Already, Nana is spoiling him with doughnuts.

Tonight we watched a few more episodes of "Star Wars Rebels," which is something Madison is just crazy about.  It's still season two for her, and we're plowing through episodes pretty quickly.  She can't wait for the next one, and loves the characters.  We're enjoying it too, of course.

Afterwards, we read from our Bible some more, finishing up the book of Genesis.  Daddy did a lot of studies of the different Tribes of Israel, so it's been handy seeing where each of these sons winds up, or some significant descendants that each one will have.  Tomorrow, we'll start with Exodus, and Daddy is feeling very tempted to bring out some of the movies we have downstairs:  "Prince of Egypt" and "The Ten Commandments."  So let it be written, so let it be done!

Tonight, Mommy and Daddy watched "Finding Neverland," another great movie in the Neverland series.  We'll still have a few more to watch this week, but it's been quite a marathon so far.  This week, we'll watch the Mary Martin movie, and then the Catherine Rigby one.  Of special interest is the version of "Peter Pan" from 1925.  That one was actually made while Sir J.M. Barrie was still alive.  We've been just soaking in Neverland, and it's been very fun lately, almost like the time we went so deep into Wonderland a few years ago.  I imagine we might do the same with Oz someday, or certainly Narnia.

In the meantime, it's time for bed.  It's been a long weekend, and we've been writing and proofing and running about.  It's time to get some sleep.  So let it be written, so let it be done.

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