Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Running for the Border

We finally made a run for the border today.  And though yes, we did get back across the Georgia border this morning, I am in fact referring to our first Taco Bell visit with Madison.  It seems like this would have happened a lot earlier, considering her obsession with tacos.  But the simple truth is that Mommy makes the best tacos, and they're always waiting for us when we get home from piano practice.  Of course, today, we were traveling the long trip home from Florida.  That said, there wasn't any time for taco preparation.  So we stopped at Taco Bell.  Madison's take:  these are the second-best tacos she's ever had, the first of course being Mommy's.  Good answer, Madison.

We made the trip home today, and it was amazingly uneventful.  We took the Athens route once more, and listened to the radio as the traffic reports from Atlanta sounded absolutely dreadful.  It's this weird feeling driving carefree in Athens as you listen to the suffering and devastation of Atlanta traffic.  As if millions of voices are crying out in anguish.  That could have been us.  On one hand, you're grateful to be alive.  On the other, there's pity for those pour souls sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-85 and 400.

But I digress.  Today, Madison watched all of season 1 of "Star Wars Rebels," and then when we got home, we watched an episode of season 2.  We got home early enough that we could do that, and then even read a bit from the devotional, the Bible, and then the next Jack Sparrow book, "The Age of Bronze."  We've read these before, and yet there are so many details we've forgotten.  Madison is enjoying hearing these again.  We said our prayers, thankful for safety on the way home, and thankful that Ba-ba is getting better each day.  It will take time, but we're sure that by next visit he'll be very near to his former state once more.

It was a good visit, although a tougher one on the surface.  We obviously didn't do anything like Disney or beach visits.  But at the same time, there was a service to family that was important.  Mommy was busy making food that would be appealing, which is her gift.  She was also helping with the organization, which also is her gift.  We said our goodbyes this morning, and even though it was a very short visit, we were grateful to be able to come to Florida at all.

The weather was perfect down there, and just in time, here comes the rain again, sweeping across the state.  Another reason that we were happy to take the Athens route:  the rain travels from west to east, and we were further away from it as it approached.  We didn't see rain until we got to Gainesville.

On the way up, we listened to the rest of "Riders Radio," and then some more of the Prairie Home Companion CDs Daddy got for Christmas.  The Riders Radio in particular had Mommy and Daddy cracking up, especially the episode with the Tennessee banjo player that got arrested mid-point for a cheesy plot device that we completely forgot about until the end.  It had Mommy and Daddy laughing a lot.

We stopped a few times at a couple Race Trac gas stations, and then the Georgia Welcome Center too. Oh, and also an early stop at the rest area near Gainesville, Florida.  Last time we were there, we saw an alligator nearby, just basking in the sun.  Not this time though.

So here we are, back to normal, back on schedule.  To prove as much, Daddy wrote the last of his devotional entries tonight, completing the Neverland devotional with the 28th page.  We'll have to proof it pretty good, but this one was largely written in Florida.  And that's just fine.  It was a decent little getaway.

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