Wednesday, February 8, 2017

LEGO Batman Valentines

I made a few LEGO Batman Valentine's Day cards!  The neat thing about these is that they're all little advertisements to come to church as well.  A lot of kids can't go out and buy Valentine's Day cards to hand out, so these will give them some cool options.  Of course there's a new LEGO Batman movie coming out this weekend, and that's definitely what the kids are talking about.  Okay, it's what a lot of us grown-ups are talking about too.  In fact - and this is pretty solid to say - this Batman movie might be the best Batman movie to come out in theaters since… well, the last LEGO movie.

Ba-ba is getting better, although it's slow going.  This is expected, of course.  But by the evening, his spirits were up, and a little more aware of things that were going on.  Medication is helpful with pain, but it is such a drain on the spirit.  Again, we're all relieved that he's doing better.   We have been seriously considering an emergency trip down to Florida, at least to be by Nana's side, offering help and support.

We'll be going down there, but perhaps not as soon as that.  But still, soon.  It may be better at the moment regardless:  Madison is still coughing and sniffly.  Each night, she coughs sporadically.  Daddy called out to her from downstairs, "Turn on your side, Madison!"  And she did, and that helps.  We've got her on some cough medicine to help her sleep.  Hopefully this will pass soon enough.

Madison did have enrichment again today, her art classes after school.  She's enjoying working on the still life portraits that are set up, and some Valentine's Day art as well, obviously a lot of pink and hearts and so forth.  But that's just perfect for her, isn't it?  Valentine's Day is coming up soon.  We've got the new garden flag out there, and some of the Valentine's Day decorations out, including the heart-shaped salt and pepper shakers, amongst other things.  Mommy and Daddy haven't really had time to watch any of our traditional romantic comedies lately, but we'll make time soon enough.  Lately, it's just been nothing but Neverland, which is necessary research for this upcoming series that will be here really, really soon.

Of course, Madison is doing piano.  She gravitates towards the big piano, and is getting really quick with certain tunes.  She's doing some Brahms pieces, including a waltz and his famous lullaby.  They sound nice coming from the other room.

Class went well tonight with the kids.  We had a LEGO Batman themed night, as you might suspect, and that was a fun time for everyone.  But now it's time for a little rest.  These Wednesdays are so full with work, and Daddy gets home around 10:00pm or so, and usually quite ready for bed!

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