Saturday, February 11, 2017

Living on a High Wire

So a quick word about the nature of politics in this season:  it's crazy out there.  Never before has there been so much frothing at the mouth about this or that.  On a scale of one to ten, the rhetoric has been amped up to eleven, and you'd think by watching the news that there's something done each day - like appointing an Secretary of Education, for example - that will directly usher in an unparalleled evil not seen since Germany in the 30's, which of course will result in global thermonuclear war.  It's been exaggerated to a point of insanity.  Our government has a system of checks and balances, but you'd think based on watching the news that we live in a dictatorship.  And there's the problem:  watching the news.

But here's another crazy thing:  businesses and corporations getting in on it.  They make a statement supporting this or that, which leads to a whole bunch of people launching a boycott.  Why do this?  Is this for free advertisement?  Because - and I don't have a degree in business here - it seems like a bad idea to have a lot of people boycott your business, even if you think that you have the moral high ground.

And here comes all the boycotts.  Everyone throwing their weight around, organizing boycotts aimed at actors, businesses, star quarterbacks, or even entire states.  Yeah, the state of Georgia was threatened last year.  Hopefully when this is read many years from now, things will be at least a little different.  But I doubt it.

And the protestors.  They're protesting something - I'm not sure what right now.  Unfortunately, the message sort of gets lost with threats to blow up the White House or vulgar costumes, burning cars and places of businesses.  And yeah, it doesn't help that some are actually paid to protest.  Even if it is just a few that are paid to protest, it still sort of sullies the whole nobility of the thing.  Sort of like the New England Patriots were caught cheating once, and now everyone accuses them of cheating all the time.  It sort of muddies the water, doesn't it?  A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

Anyway, the takeaway here is to not focus on the news so much.  Or the social media or the movies and television shows.  There's quite a bit of fiction out there, so we're trying to be careful what Madison hears.

Okay, moving on:  the production line was running today with Madison stuffing a whole lot of bags for her classmates at school, at ballet, and at piano class.  She got some Trolls cards, and once those used up, we raided our collection of cards downstairs, grabbing some Monster High cards as well.  She added chocolates, Valentine's Day pencils and heart-shaped pencil sharpeners, and now we're pretty much ready for the big day on Tuesday!

Daddy was at the ONE Marriage Conference today, which wrapped up well today with a whole lot of people there.  It's a big deal.  As usual, Daddy was taking a lot of pictures of happy couples who came to have fun and hear a few marriage enrichment messages.  It was a great weekend for those couples.  Daddy and Mommy don't usually get to do these, mainly because Daddy is doing something like taking pictures or whatever.

Mommy and Daddy had veggie burgers tonight, and these were actually good.  Yeah, I know!  It's just that you just don't think they're going to be all that good, but we had a nice meal tonight.  Daddy has to watch what he's eating as he recovers from that surgery, but on the whole he's doing really really well.  Credit goes to the fast:  partially a spiritually reason of course.  But also consider the dietary reason:  lots of fruit, and juices and water.

We're at the end of our Tinkerthon, having watched the Neverbeast movie tonight.  This one is actually really good, with an ending that pulls hard on those heartstrings.  Mommy and Daddy like this one a lot, but so does Madison of course.  We don't know when the next one will come out, but we've enjoyed this series quite a bit.  We still have a few Neverland-themed movies to go, including the Mary Martin musical, and that other movie "Finding Neverland."  And next month, we're going to see "Peter and the Star Catchers," which is based on a great book series that Daddy has read.  There are so many spin-offs and visits back to Neverland, and it's been fun going there time and again.

Okay, and now a word about our KidPak series, "Big Top."  As you've read here, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus is coming to a close just as we did this series.  Always a few coincidences with our series and the things of current events.  And this weekend, we're doing that message about the high wire, the tightrope act - tying it to a message about walking the straight and narrow.  It just so happens that there was a terrible accident just recently on the high wire.  Fortunately, everyone will be okay, but there was a fall, and numerous Wallenda family members were rushed to the hospital.  They are in our prayers.  They're a legendary family.

Tonight we read about Joseph, the beginning of his story.  We'll be there for a week or so, as that story goes on for a few chapters - until the end of the book of Genesis, really.  We also read from our "Big Top" devotional, and finally a significant portion of the Jack Sparrow book.  The mighty Barnacle is being besieged by mermaids, and it's amusing that Madison's understanding of mermaids is not based entirely on "The Little Mermaid," but rather those scaly-tailed beasties from the pirate movies.  And Neverland, I might add.  These movies give poor mermaids a bad reputation.  Perhaps they should protest, and march on Washington or something.  Everyone else is, so why not?

Oh wait.  They're mermaids.  They can't march.

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