Thursday, February 9, 2017


Here's an early concept for the Neverland series upcoming, or at least the poster.  This one has been going back and forth for a bit, and still isn't quite done yet.  But it's on the way, just as the rest of the series has been.  The messages are written, and a few of the pages for the devotional are done as well, but there's still a good bit to be done, including costuming and getting an idea of what to do for the story.  One contender has been telling the story of Jane's little brother Danny.  We're still working it out.  Right now, I'd be glad to have the devotional done.  One thing at a time!

Anyway, it was a busy day, as Thursdays have suddenly become.  Daddy was teaching a class again this morning, the college class of course.  Ba-Ba had a tougher day in Florida, still recovering with all kinds of tubes still attached to him.  But he spoke with Nana tonight, and some of those tubes are coming out tomorrow.  It's all part of the healing process - it'll take a bit of time, just as it has for Daddy when he had his gall bladder removed.

Madison is still recovering too.  She was coughing so much that we opted to have her not go to ballet tonight.  This was to keep her from doing anything that was too athletic, really.  For example, yesterday she sat out for gym class, sitting besides another girl who had twisted her ankle.  The two talked for a while, enjoying class from the sidelines.  Tonight, Madison was on the sidelines again, but not just talking:  she was practicing piano, and finishing up her homework for tomorrow as well.  The great thing about this new piano is that Madison keeps going to it first.  It still needs to be tuned (I might be saying that for a while!), but it sounds okay for now, and Madison likes the feel of it.

We're working towards a marriage conference at the church this weekend, cleaning up the church and getting ready for a whole lot of new visitors.  Daddy will be taking photos for a small portion of it, but it appears as if we'll have three areas for taking pictures as opposed to the one and then two we had last year.  That line was ginormous, and Daddy was pretty exhausted by the end of it all.  You wouldn't think that would tire you out, but it was a never ending line with a never ending amount of enthusiasm!

So tonight we were reading a bit in the Bible, and it wasn't the most exciting chapter to be honest:  Genesis 36.  It was about the lineage of Essau, which is basically a chapter filled with unusual names like "Oholibamah."  She was Essau's wife.

He would get home from hunting and call out, "Oholibamah, I'm home!"

That's a very fun name to say.  Which is a good thing, because it is listed seven times in this chapter alone.  That's pretty much all Genesis chapter 36 is though:  a list of weird names.  Essau moves away from Israel because he and his brother's operations are growing too much in size.  Then there's a humungous list of Essau's descendants.  And one of them, Anah, discovered some hot springs while he was grazing his father's donkeys.  I like this verse because the writer wants to make sure you're not confused about which Anah it is.

"The sons of Zibeon:  Aiah and Anah. This is the Anah who discovered the hot springs in the desert while he was grazing the donkeys of his father Zibeon." Genesis 36:24 NIV

Now I know you were probably thinking of that other Anah.  You know, Anah Gatadavida.  But it's not that one.  This is the one that discovered the hot springs.  Big difference.

And yes, Anah happens to be the parent of Oholibamah.  We know this because of verse 25, which goes as follows:

"The children of Anah:  Dishon and Oholibamah daughter of Anah." Genesis 36:25 NIV

This seems redundant, but when you read the entire chapter, you come to realize that Oholibamah's full name is in fact, "Oholibamah daughter of Anah."  I'm not sure if that's what she signed on her checks, or if that's just what her friends called her.  Her parents could have named her something short (like the name "Uz," which also appears somewhere in this chapter).  But "Oholibamah daughter of Anah" it was, and that's pretty much in permanent ink now.

Anyway, we read this chapter too, because the thing is, I promised we'd read the entire Bible.  I'd like to see a commentary on Genesis chapter 36.  I guarantee you there's some interesting nuggets in there that I've completely overlooked.  But for now, it appears to be just a list of names.  And some hot springs and donkeys.

Moving on:  afterwards, we read from "The Siren's Song," the next Jack Sparrow book.  Since we went to bed earlier than normal, we read a bit more than normal, some forty pages into the book or so.  They're much smaller pages, so it wasn't as big of a deal as normal.  But Daddy and Madison both are enjoying these stories so much that it's difficult to put the book down.  She's loving all the voices, and the adventure itself.

Madison wasn't coughing as much when she went to bed.  Mommy and Daddy were watching the movie "Dave" again tonight, mainly because the recent change in the executive branch, and the fact that it's a romantic comedy during romantic comedy month.  It's like the 25 Days of Valentine around here, so we've got to get busy and watch 24 more!

One more thought before going.  Madison keeps bringing home good grades to sign.  She writes so much whenever she's doing her classwork.  It's impressive to see how much she wants to get everything right, and she covers herself with writing longer sentences that impress the teacher.  She's doing so great in school, it makes me want to shout, "Oholibamah!"

But not too loudly.  People might stare.

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