Thursday, February 16, 2017

Smell My Minty Foot!

Tonight we could stay up a bit later because there isn't any school tomorrow.  So yeah, after ballet, we watched "Rebels" some more!  Tonight, we met Hondo Ohnaka once again - it was great to see an old friend!

Mommy had the most delicious chicken Marsala for dinner tonight, which was just the right thing to eat after ballet.  No, Daddy wasn't dancing ballet.  That was Madison.  She was enjoying her time dancing, the last practice until next Wednesday - this weekend is President's Day.

We continued our Bible reading tonight, talking about the dream the Pharaoh had, and when Daddy was reviewing it with Madison afterwards, he told her, "It was a dream about seven fat pandas and seven skinny ones, right?"  She was like, "Noooo!"  Daddy continued, "It was seven fat dolphins and seven skinny dolphins."  "Noooo!"  Anyway, it was fun, and then we continued reading "The Pirate Chase," almost finishing it tonight.  We'll have to finish that tomorrow I suspect.

Madison is getting her daily treatment for allergies and a stuffy nose, and part of that has been putting Vaseline on her feet, and then putting socks on.  For fun, after our prayers tonight, she hoisted that foot up in the air and stuck in Daddy's face:  "Smell my minty foot!"  It was a joke - we all laughed a lot tonight before bed.

This morning, Daddy had a great class with the college students - and Madison had a good day as well.  Everyone's excited about a few days off though.  We are too!

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