Friday, February 10, 2017

Godzilla Valentines

Madison is still coughing.  No fever or anything like that.  She's just coughing and blowing her nose.  She did have her flu shot this year, as did Daddy.  Currently, the flu is listed as widespread in Georgia, which sounds like that could be dangerous for some folks.  Fortunately, Madison isn't down for the count - she's just coughing, and that's about it.  She had media today, which meant another trip to the library.  She loves the library, of course, no matter which one it is.

Ba-ba is improving, and the reports from Florida are improving.  It'll take time to heal, just like it would anyone else.  But Ba-ba is resilient and in good shape, so hopefully his recovery will be even quicker.

Another marriage conference at the church, and therefore another lengthy night for Daddy.  He took a lot of pictures last year at the photo booth, roughly one every minute or less for the entire night.  This year, the booth was at the front of the church, where people were more interested in getting into the sanctuary to get a good seat.  Sure, they posed for pictures later on, but the call of food and music and games drew them away from the front of the church, so Daddy had a lonely job tonight!  But it was a late night, so he didn't really get to see Madison too much.

Madison had a quiet evening watching episodes of "Jessie," playing piano, and doing some coloring.  She was also playing "The LEGO Movie" game, probably all in preparation for the movie coming out this weekend, "The LEGO Batman Movie."  We'll go see it, but I'm not entirely sure when.

Chinese decorations are coming down, and Valentine's Day ones are coming up from the basement.  We have so many Valentine's Day card boxes downstairs, each filled with different characters like the Avengers, Spider-Man, the Powerpuff Girls, Jimmy Neutron, Batman, Lisa Frank, and even Godzilla 1998.  Those Godzilla cards are special though - I don't think those will get shared any time soon!

No, those go with the rest of the Godzilla 1998 collection, which might be the largest Godzilla 1998 collection in North Georgia.  That's probably not much of an exaggeration, actually.  As that's the first movie that Mommy and Daddy went out to see together, it holds a special place in our cinematic history!  Because, after all, what better way is there to spend a romantic evening than to spend it with Godzilla?

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