Monday, February 27, 2017

Night Night

Bedtime each night is such a procedure, but it's a nice one.  We read so much each night, and it's really nice.  Madison isn't sleeping in this picture, but I asked to take this of her tonight before bed.  You can see the Vinylmation characters lined up in the background, and of course all the stuffed animals in bed with her, including the groundhog I see there too.  Underneath her pillow, unseen, is another tooth.  Yes, that's right, she lost another tooth today.  It was one of her "vampire" teeth, she calls it!

Tonight, we had our usual large amount of dancing with jazz and ballet.  Mommy and Daddy were shopping for Neverland, and doing some grocery shopping as well.  We have plenty of time while Madison dances.

We started the book of Exodus tonight, and continued Jack Sparrow's adventures in the "Age of Bronze."  Also, our devotional for Big Top, which is winding down now.  Neverland is coming soon.  Daddy was spending a lot of time proofing this afternoon, looking over something like seventy pages of words he's written for this series.

We watched some more "Star Wars Rebels" tonight, suddenly appreciative of a character named Agent Kallus.  It's very much a family event now, watching each one of these episodes.  We are such geeks!

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