Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine's Day Box

Madison made herself a new Valentine's Day box today, this unicorn cat thing with hearts and messages like "Love is in the air" and so forth, along with a big hole in the back for putting Valentine's Day cards.  So we're ready - yesterday was the packing of the Valentine's Day baggies for the various classes, and today we've got the box.  We even made chocolate chip cookies tonight, and watched "Gnomeo and Juliet" once more, which is fast becoming a holiday tradition lately.

This morning, we had KidPak of course.  It was a great message about the tightrope, walking the high wire.  Kids were walking the balance beam on stage, and the whole message of "walking the straight and narrow" was told throughout, including that funny video we made with Terrence trying to walk a high wire.

Madison was coughing a lot today, still a runny nose.  She's fine otherwise, but this is a little persistent, and of course annoying to her.  She managed to finish up her piano practice for the week.  And then, more relaxing, she took a nice bath today, soaking in the hot water.  Daddy took a nap!

It was a day of rest, pretty much.  We're reading more Jack Sparrow and more from Joseph's story in the Bible, but it'll be an early night for all of us.

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