Thursday, February 23, 2017

We Got the Beat

We got this t-shirt for Madison at Wal-Mart, and honestly mostly because it was on sale.  She's not that huge into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it had a picture of Leonardo on it, and a message that read, "I love you more than pizza."  Which is a big deal to Leonardo, of course.

Anyway, out of all the new t-shirts that we've gotten her, this one seems to be her favorite.  It's spawned a new saying around the house, "I love you more than (insert food item here)!"

The other t-shirts are nice, and important:  we had to get them because Madison is growing really fast lately. She has hit a growth spurt this year, getting taller very quickly.  It's been very fast, and very sudden.

Madison had a great day today, followed by ballet tonight.  They're getting ready for the spring recital in these classes, and her jazz class is dancing to an 80's song that Madison could never really remember so well… until tonight.  Yes, we finally discovered the song, and it's from the Go-Go's.  It's the song, "We Got the Beat."

Madison doesn't like the song as much as the other newer one they used to dance to.  She's not even sure why they switched to this old 80's stuff!  And yet Daddy is like, "But… it's 80's music!"  Yes, this is the point where 80's music is like 50's music when we Daddy was growing up.  Yes, these are the "oldies" now!

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