Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Christopher Walken Impersonators

Tuesday, and instead of regular tacos for Mommy and Daddy, there were chicken tacos.  Which are probably better, at least the way Mommy prepares them.  But still, Madison is firm in her desire for beef and a few gallons of salsa.  That's all she needs on her taco, really.  The rest of the additions are just decorative, and don't actually need to be there.

It was a good day, although it was a cold one, with a cold rain.  This sort of weather brings on the sniffles and coughs, and we had those in abundance in the house.  We're on medication, some of us, with sore throats and extra boxes of tissues in various rooms.  Daddy had to escape the office, as they're putting down new carpet there, and carpet glue has a very strong headache-inducing vapor.

We had piano today, and of course that went well as always.  Madison is playing well, instinctively and reflexively.  All these years of practice are paying off - she doesn't even have to think sometimes when reaching for particular keys.  She just knows, and it's wonderful to see.

So lately we've been listening to the "Peter Pan Live" soundtrack in the car, which is surprisingly good.  Don't judge us.  For some reason, the entire world descended upon this live broadcast with such wrath that you'd think that a cast member wore a pro-Trump shirt or something.  Really, it wasn't that bad.  There are things that could have been better, but when you consider the live nature of it, and flying wires and Tinkerbell and live dogs and Christopher Walken... it's amazing that it all didn't collapse in upon itself.  It was ambitious, and again if anything, we're enjoying the soundtrack quite a bit.  Madison's favorite song is the Indian one about "Blood Brothers," which has a whole lot of words that may or may not be actual Indian words.  Like "Etch-a-sketcha."  Is that a word?  I know it's a toy.  Coincidentally, you can hear something just like an Etch-a-sketch shaking rhythmically in the background as this is said.  Anyway, that's her favorite song right now.  And - because she's Daddy's daughter - we have Christopher Walken conversations back and forth in the car.

Yes, Madison has her own Christopher Walken impersonation from the back seat of the car:  "Blast that...  Peter Pa-an."  Honestly, this is hysterical.  I didn't encourage or ask for it.  She just starts using this hybrid William Shatner/Christopher Walken voice in the back seat, asking to stop for taquitos or whatever.

It may have been a good day for us, but it was not one for Ba-ba.  He had to have gallstones removed this morning, but that proved to be more challenging to the surgeon than anticipated.  They had damaged the ducts there.  And normally, we'd make a joke about duct tape fixing anything, but in fact here they had to have another surgeon much later come in and take some fat from the abdomen, using that to plug in the damaged area.  And then... they took his gall bladder out completely.  Madison noted that our family now has two less gall bladders.  It's like a theme all of the sudden, isn't it?

Regardless, none of this is any laughing matter at all.  We were seriously discussing going down there tomorrow, or the next day.  Nana is very worried, and Ba-ba was not doing that well throughout the day.  Late tonight, we got word that the surgery went well, but it's a bigger incision, and therefore a bigger recovery time.  We'll be going down there soon, no doubt.  It may not be tomorrow or the next day, but it will be soon enough so that we can be there to bring some encouragement and smiles, hopefully.  Until then, we're praying.

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