Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Perfectly Lovely Valentine

What a beautiful day it was outside today.  Just perfect, really.  We woke up this morning, and Madison was surprised by her Valentine's Day goodies, including Season Two of Star Wars Rebels.  There were conversation hearts and chocolates, and some cards too.  Daddy got Mommy three Crunchie bars and some bubble bath and shower gel, along with a nice card he picked up about six weeks ago.  The key to getting the best Valentine's Day cards is getting them right after Christmas.

We also got a nice heart shirt for Madison, who went off to school dressed in pink with hearts, and carrying her unicorn Valentine's Day box, along with all the cards for her classmates.

Mommy and Daddy meanwhile went out for tea.  We tried this place we hadn't been to before, a Valentine's Day date at Anastasia's Tea Room.  This is a great place to visit for all kinds of reasons.  Firstly, it was an excellent experience.  Secondly, it was a local small business.  About that first reason, the ambience of the place was just right for the day.  We ordered tea to begin with - Mommy got some Buckingham tea, and Daddy got this Orange White Chocolate flavored tea.  Daddy had a sandwich while Mommy got a gluten-free wrap.  For desert, there was crème brûlée and tiramasu.  The cost was amazingly low, and again, the atmosphere was just right for a quiet moment on the square.  We really enjoyed it.

Afterwards, Mommy did a bit of shopping, and Daddy did a bit of writing for the Neverland devotional.  They're getting close to a banner for this one - so far, we've had three different versions as we narrow it down to the final.

Daddy picked up Madison from school, and she had tons of Valentine's Day cards, of course.  She had lots of candy too.  That was great to see.  She also had bags of candy for her classmates in piano class.  One other boy there was handing out gifts to everyone, so the Valentine's Day fun continued in piano.  As far as her playing goes, she did well again, keeping up with Mrs. Pam rather well.  She got Mrs. Pam a bag with some candy in it too - it's just a great day to exchange cards and candy.  Madison got all kinds of different cards, from Monster High to Spider-Man to Trolls and Star Wars.

Speaking of which, after homework and tacos today, there was enough time to watch something on the big television screen.  And what did we see?  Star Wars Rebels, of course!  We saw the first four episodes of season two - episodes three and four were really good, by the way.  We are such nerds, all of us.

So it was bedtime, and there was this huge assortment of things to do there now, given Madison's health lately.  Each night, we've had the vaporizer set up.  We put Vix on her feet, and of course give her a bit of cough medication.  Also, there's the skin cleanser that we've been trying as well.  It's this huge procedure, but during all that Daddy is reading from the devotional, from the Bible, and from "The Pirate Chase."  It appears as if Left-Foot Louis has met his match, but there are three chapters still left in this one book.  We're reading these rather quickly, that much is certain.

We said our prayers, thankful for such a perfectly lovely Valentine.  Ba-ba didn't have the best night last night, so we were praying for him as well.  Some medication - and I can attest to this personally - makes you feel terrible.  Dilaudid makes Daddy hallucinate, which isn't exactly a pleasant thing.  Apparently, whatever medication Ba-ba has been on at the hospital has done similar things, and he had a hard time sleeping last night.  We prayed for him, for his doctors, and for a quick exit from all of this.

When Madison was asleep, it was time to go watch "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."  We'll see what happens next, as this season has been throwing us all kinds of twists and turns... regardless, it's a perfectly acceptable way to end a nice Valentine's Day.  As stated earlier, we are such nerds.

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