Monday, February 20, 2017

Sewing Hedgehogs

Madison was sewing today, and so very much into this little project of hers.  We got a kit where she could sew bits of fabric together, making this nice little hedgehog.  Ah, the agony of trying thread a needle!  Madison and Daddy experienced this time and again during the sewing.  Fortunately, Mommy was nearby to help out.  We didn't finish the project, but we will probably when we get home.  Madison was very much into it, and she had one of those looks that Mommy and Daddy know very well.  She just sat there at the kitchen table, completely committed to creating this craft, by the book.  She'll be so happy with the finished product.  We'll post pictures when we complete it, although that might be a couple days from now.

We did some swimming again today, and soaked up the February sun some more.  There are these palm trees towards one end of the pool, and they created a shadowy area that shielded Daddy from the sun a bit.  It was bright out there, and our despite using plenty of sunscreen, we still got a bit too much sun.  We did stay out there a while though.

Still, it was fun.  There were many others at the pool too, which isn't something many people can do during the month of February.  Madison loves swimming, and yes, she's still good at it.  We had fun splashing, and doing a bit of "go fetch" with one of those sinking blue rings.  Madison dove down to the floor level, and skimmed the surface there until grabbing the ring.

We had a good, relaxing day today.  Daddy was typing up the Neverland devotional, one that will be printed by March 5th, hopefully.  Yeah, so hopefully it will be written by this week.  One day at a time, the devotional entries are getting completed.  Having watched so many Neverland movies lately really helps.  We've got lots of ideas.

We did some grocery shopping today, and got lots of stuff for Na-na and Ba-ba.  There have been plenty of items to get to help keep Ba-ba's weight up as he recovers, and the nurse that visits each morning has been pretty encouraged by his progress.  That nurse will continue visits for a time, until Ba-ba begins to really recover.  But each day, he himself is admitting he's doing a lot better.  And we can tell too.  He'll be fine.

We've been doing a lot of reading out back.  You sit in the shade and watch golfers play, and all the while just lounge about and read books.  Madison and Daddy have been reading comic books, like the latest adventures of Poe, or "Guardians of the Galaxy."  Madison loves Rocket Raccoon right now.  Madison plays a farming game on her iPad, or reads a bit.  Daddy has been reading a book Mommy got him about the election of 2016, which is amazing to relive.  I can't believe we actually went through all that.

So it's been a good day, and a nice quick getaway for us.  Summerfield isn't exactly the vacation destination you would think of when dreaming of a trip to Florida.  But it's been good for us this time around.  For Madison, all you need is a pool!

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