Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fat Taco Tuesday

Madison woke up this morning, and sure enough the Tooth Fairy came by, but this time with a Beanie Baby!  This one had the name Fantasia, and a birthday that was the same as Mommy's!

After school today, Mommy was with us today for piano class, which went really well.  You can see Madison's snowman there, a thing that's been hanging up on the wall that she decorated several weeks ago.  If she earned enough snowflakes on it, she goes to Winter Wonderland on Friday.  Which, of course, she did.  This is her last Winter Wonderland, which you'll see more of upcoming.  We talked about the events of the past, from roller skating to magicians to trampoline places to a pool.  It's been fun.  Madison did well in class today, hitting the notes well and following along despite missing last week's class.  She's only missed one class this year, and she's been doing just fine in class.

So today was Fat Tuesday.  It was also Taco Tuesday.  So therefore, combining the two, it became "Fat Taco Tuesday."  We had tacos this afternoon, after piano.  And much later on, Mommy actually made us some gluten-free beignets to sample.  Yummy!

Another event tonight was the Science Family Night, where we returned to school to see one science experiment after another, visiting different classrooms to try out different things.  Madison loved it.

Here she is blowing bubbles, and below is a picture of her doing something she seems to really like:  working with electricity.  She spent a while at this station, creating circuits to power lights, small sound devices, and a spinning fan that launched upwards.

It was a fun night for her, and it's always too short because there's just so much to do.

But she got to take quite a bit home with her, this in a special science gift bag that all the students got for coming tonight.  We had a great time!

We got home just in time for bed, pretty much.  This is mainly because of all the reading that takes place before bed. We continued with Exodus, chapter 2, and then moved on to our Big Top devotional.  And then, we finished "The Age of Bronze," which coincidentally takes place in New Orleans.  I say that because it is Fat Tuesday today, which was a theme for the day of course.

After prayers, Mommy and Daddy watched the Presidential address unfiltered on a White House channel.  It's much better without commentary, so you can know what to think for yourself.  Madison didn't stay up for this, but it was good, and quite a bit different in tone than the speech in Florida a few weeks ago, which was such a rally.

Anyway, it was a great day.  We had a lot of work to do this morning towards Neverland, which involved Mommy did quite a bit of costume shopping, while Daddy was dealing with printers and creating materials while planning out the upcoming series.  It's going to be simply wonderful... here we go, off to Neverland!

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