Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Madison had to do some cinquain poems lately, so we were practicing on our own.  Of course, at home we had to do some Star Wars ones.  Yep!

Rebel Leader
fighting, fighting, shining
Delivering a New Hope


Fearless Wookie
Growling, Battling, Stomping
Strong and Loyal Friend
Walking Carpet

A cinquain is an interesting word, isn't it?  It's something that Madison is learning in school.  The first line is your subject.  The second line gives two adjectives.  The third line gives three gerunds, which of course are adjectives that end in -ing.  The next line is a four-word description of the subject, and the last line is pretty much a synonym for the first line.  

As I type, autocorrect keeps insisting that I don't mean to type cinquain, and keeps changing it to chinquapin, which I've just discovered is a shrubbery.

The Knights of "Ni!"
Helmeted Guardians
Towering, Threatening, Gardening
Ni, Peng and Neee-Wom!

That one might not technically count.  Anyway, Madison wrote her cinquain about Cinderella, and it will actually be featured in a published book - along with the other students' cinquains.  I swear this autocorrect is getting on my nerves.  It is 100% convinced I want to talk about shrubbery, and so I have to keep going back and changing the word to cinquain.  

Moving on, today was Wednesday, although it was not an enrichment day for Madison.  The after school art classes ended last week, and hopefully we'll have a new one upcoming.  Madison really likes them, and likes her teacher as well.

School has been simply amazing.  Madison's grades coming home are all so high.  The lowest grade out of all the stuff she's brought home for the last few weeks - the lowest grade - was a 100.  She's done amazingly well, and it's just so incredible to see.

Daddy had his class tonight, and we had fun with the sword swallowing thing in the circus. We actually saw a guy do that at the circus this past Friday, and this past Saturday was World Sword Swallowing Day.  

So we sort of fed off of that, talking about instead of putting an actual sword in your mouth, you have the word of God on you lips, which of course according to Hebrews 4:12 is sharper than a two-edged sword.  Speaking of which, here's a worksheet Daddy made where you match up scriptures with their locations.

The big thing we discovered was that kids didn't know how to use a Bible.  Yes, true story.  So we made this sheet of paper that shows them how to find a book in the Bible.  It's a fun little thing we made up, and it seems like common sense.  But at the same time, it worked well tonight!

Daddy spoke with Madison for a bit tonight, but he got back pretty late. So late that Mommy was even asleep. She's been working on costuming all day now.  She's done work on the Peter Pan costume, and the Captain Hook costume as well.  We've got several characters on stage, and it's all coming along just fine, from the script to the music to the visuals, and oh yeah, the stage.  Yes, our stage is pretty much done at this point.  It's all coming along just fine.  So we say goodbye to Big Top, and it was incredible.  But everyone is really looking forward to this next series.  It's off to Neverland!

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