Thursday, March 16, 2017

Panels and Pears

Daddy's class was fun today - we had a panel!  Daddy wanted to have a panel of guests up in front of the class, one with guest creatives there to answer questions from the students.  Right there in the middle of the panel table is Mommy, answering questions as well!

It was a good day for the kids, as there were plenty of good questions and good answers from Mommy to help educate and encourage.  Daddy made up little labels to put in front of everyone on the tables, and the class actually went long because there were so many questions from these students.  It was a great time, and I was grateful to have the guests up there.  So were the students.

The rest of the day was spent at work prepping for this weekend, and also a bit of St. Patrick's Day preparation!  Look at the cookies we made tonight!

Even though we had ballet tonight, we got home and watched "The Luck of the Irish," an old Disney Channel movie about leprechauns and St. Patrick's Day, and basketball too.  We were making cookies and snuggling under the blankets as we watched the movie together.  The weather is so cold outside!

Before moving on, here's another first:  we all tried our first cactus pear today.  We got one at the grocery store this past weekend, and thought we would try one out.  We actually had to look up how to properly eat one, but after the three of us watched a video, it was fairly obvious.  Just peel the skin after cutting off the sides.  Slice it up, and eat the slices.  With the seeds in them.

That's the problem with the cactus pear we tried.  The seeds represented quite an obstacle.  They weren't like seeds in a kiwi (like the video we watched presented).  Our cactus pear had seeds more like a pomegranate.  This prevents you from actually chewing on a cactus pear so much.  But we all agreed we liked the taste of it.  It was just the seeds that made it more of a challenge to eat.  We looked up pictures online of a cactus pear still on a cactus in the Southwest, and now we know the next time we find ourselves starving in the desert, we know what to look for.

Bedtime, we continued "City of Gold," the next book with Jack Sparrow.  Also, we're reading our devotional, and more from Exodus as well.  Lots of reading before bedtime, although tonight was a little more abbreviated than usual.  One chapter or so, and then prayers, and then bedtime.

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