Monday, March 20, 2017

Into the Woods with Free Ice Cream

Free Ice Cream Day today!  Free Ice Cream is always something to celebrate, so we made some time today after school, leaving just a bit early to go to ballet practice so we could drop by Dairy Queen first.  What a glorious concept!

After this, we did go to ballet practice.  First, there was jazz practice, and then following that, we went over to Pearce Auditorium to do yet another run through.

Daddy snapped a few pictures from the balcony as he sat with his laptop computer, typing up a message for Summer Xtreme.  But all that stopped when Madison was out for her portion of the production.

She's towards the back there - Daddy didn't have the best angle, but that's okay.  I think we'll be doing an official portrait tomorrow.  Of course, we won't get that portrait for a week or two, but she does look nice in her costume, lighting up the stage as a lightning bug.

She's seen in the back here, looking on as Snow White and a woodland creature do their dance.  Madison's portion is quick, simple, and over with before you know it.  She spends more time sitting up on stage as a background character looking on though, which you can see above.  

And here is Cinderella, currently being mocked by her sisters.  The story is going to obviously be different from "Into the Woods," which of course is not a "happily ever after" sort of story.  Meaning, the sisters keep their toes, and nobody abruptly dies.

And as you can see, there is Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and more.  It was nice getting to see some of the practice, and getting an idea of what was to come.  Obviously, Daddy was here for this little one though:

She did great.  She's been well-behaved, and really enjoying her time on stage.  She's comfortable up there, and she's comfortable up on stage at KidPak.  That's a great place to be.  This weekend, Daddy is considering giving her a line or two for the KidPak production, which should be great.  I think she'll do well.  The point is, she's not nervous up there on stage.  She stays focused, and does her job, and does it well!

We got home a little later, and it was pretty much time for bed, although we did read from our devotional, and after that we finished "City of Gold," which of course ends with a new voice for Daddy to try and imitate:  Davy Jones.  Yes, the captain of the Flying Dutchman is back-ah.  We start reading this next book tomorrow, just moving along with the pirate stories.  We should still be doing pirate stories through April, really.  We have several to go!

So it was a good day.  School was good for Madison, which seems to be ramping up with activities.  There's the art show next week, and the return of the Book Fair again.  But when you stop to think about it, there are only two months left of fourth grade.  We're really moving along quickly.  We definitely need to stop some times, and take a deep breath, and enjoy this moment now for all it's worth.  And... it's worth a lot.

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